Why Study GCSE in London

Why Study GCSE in London?

London has long been one of the world’s most important and most-popular-for-study-cities.  Besides this, it remains a powerful and influential city visited by millions for its history and entertainment. There are thousands of international students every year who choose London to further their education.

Here you can read about taking your GCSEs in well-equipped, developed, and advanced educational centers in London. You can also see course providers which currently offer courses at GCSE or IGCSE.

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Study GCSE in London for Free

Some educational centers offer a range of courses of GCSE in London for free. These GCSE programmes are meant for adults. They help them to gain the necessary skills and qualifications to further their career or progress onto higher-level study. The course providers provide free courses for adults depending on their personal circumstances. These courses in some educational centers include “English & Maths Functional Skills and GCSEs”, “ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)”, and “FREE courses at Entry Level, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3”. To be eligible for these courses you should meet the entry requirements and take an initial assessment. Each course has its own entry requirements which you should check with your course provider before you make a decision.

Remember that adults who do not have a GCSE grade 4/C or above in either English or Maths are allowed to re-take the exams for free.


GCSE in London for Adults

Almost all the FE colleges (Further Education Colleges) in London offer a one-year or two-year GCSE program for students in different age groups. They offer various courses of GCSE in London. These courses are for different types of students with different purposes. For example, some students want to retake their GCSE in london, while some other pupils wish to raise their grades. There are even those who have never taken GCSE before and wish to do so in one year. They all are cared for in different courses of GCSE in London.

These courses of GCSE in London, which are mainly for adults, would also suit those who have been home-educated and want to take a course as final preparation for the examinations. Some colleges also offer part-time FREE courses available for adults who are not ready for this one-year course. Students can improve and develop their skills with these courses.

In addition, leading independent schools prefer IGCSEs as a harder test and as a better preparation for AS and A levels.


What Are the GCSE Compulsory Subjects in the UK?

There is a wide range of a full two-year or one-year extensive GCSE London courses available for all students to choose according to their personal requirements and conditions. GCSE Courses in London include three compulsory subjects (English, maths, and science), and all of the students expect to take around nine subjects.

You can find more information about GCSE subjects and courses in Study GCSE in UK.


English and Maths Courses Are Important for GCSE!

GCSE London colleges offer courses in ESOL, English, and Maths as most of the students have a lot to offer but think their English and Maths might be letting them down. Good English and Maths skills are crucial to success, so educational centers offer essential skill courses where you can study Maths and English in a short time. Whatever your English or Maths level, they run courses from beginner to advanced.

If you are looking for GCSE Maths London evening courses, the good news is that many colleges in London usually offer part-time day and evening courses in English and Maths at all levels which leads to a recognized qualification, either Functional Skills or GCSEs.

The wide range of courses and educational centers can make students think which course and place exactly are best for them, so please get in touch with us in order to get advice according to your personal conditions.

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 You Will Study These Subjects in a GCSE Geography Course in London

GCSE Geography studies a combination of physical and human topics, going into the link between them. Students will investigate case studies in the UK, higher-income countries (HICs) as well as newly emerging economies (NEEs) and lower-income countries (LICs). Topics of GCSE Geography studies include climate change, poverty, deprivation, global shifts in economic power, and urban issues and challenges. Teachers’ GCSE Geography studies also encourage students to understand their role in society by considering different viewpoints, values, and attitudes.


What are the GCSE Geography Entry Requirements and facilities?

The normal entry requirement for this GCSE course is four GCSEs at grade D / 3 or above. The students will benefit from low cost, local day visits, leading-edge ICT facilities available to all Geography students as a part of the course and will undertake field studies in their local area as well as in Central London.


What Colleges to Study GCSE in London?

GCSE Colleges in London are very popular among international students because London is a place for world-class education and there are more international students studying in London than in any other city anywhere in the world. There is an enormous number of colleges offering GCSE in London. These GCSE courses include full two-year GCSE courses and intensive courses covering GCSE in a year. You must take all parts of the GCSE exam at the end of the course, though this does not make one-year GCSEs any harder. Students can usually sit their GCSE or IGCSE exams at their local exam center which is most likely schools or colleges that are already presenting their own students for the exam.

You can find a broad list of GCSE colleges in London such as Kings Education in London or Bellerbys College London  at International Colleges in UK.


How Can I Do a GCSE Retake in London?

Anyone of any age group can retake their GCSE in London for any reason. The GCSE retakes fees are likely to be paid by students. GCSE retakes cost depends on the course and the exam board. Nevertheless, it is usually around £35. Therefore, it is definitely worth retaking the exam if you didn’t pass for the first time, or your grades are low.

Many students ask us where to retake GCSE exams in London? Well, you can enroll to retake GCSE in London at a local school or college. Then you’ll have a timetable to attend classes with other GCSE students. Most schools and colleges let you study your GCSEs alongside A Levels for other subjects. So, don’t feel that retaking one or two subjects will completely let you down.


GCSE Tuition Fees in London

GCSE tutors in London for academic tuition up to the age of 14, rates are around £30 per hour, and for GCSE the cost is around £32.50 per hour on average. Many factors will influence the GCSE tutor’s fees. Please note that taking GCSE’s as a private candidate is not free. Every exam center has set their own fee, and these can vary considerably. However, each exam normally costs around £100 for students.