September 2024 University Admissions Open

September 2024 Admission Open

UK Study offers a variety of Foundation degrees, Undergraduate degrees, Postgraduate Master's from selected universities starting in September / October 2024.

When to apply to UK universities?
All important deadlines for 2024

If you are planning to start your degree in September and believe that there is still plenty of time to start your application process, be cautious you might have less time than you think!

You can begin your application process as early as one year in advance.

Our experience shows that having enough time to prepare a very competitive application is the key to guarantee a place on the best possible university for you, so you have sufficient time to go through all the application procedures and visa without any disappointment.

The whole application process to a UK university takes between 2 to 5 months. It can take up to 11 months if you are an PhD student or are planning to study on a top university.

You can find our Step by step guide on how to apply to UK University here.


Deadlines for on-time applications

30 April 2024 – 2025 entry courses available to search and apply

. 14 May 2024 – you can start your undergraduate application for 2025 entry courses, but you cannot submit it to UCAS until 3 September 2024

. 15 October 2024 at 18:00 (UK time) – deadline for any course at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, or for most courses in medicine, veterinary medicine/science, and dentistry. You can add choices with a different deadline later, but don’t forget you can only have five choices in total.

29 January 2025 at 18:00 (UK time) – deadline for the majority of courses.

UK university application deadlines

International students

While the 18 October deadline is usually inflexible, don’t worry if you miss the January deadline. Many universities and colleges will continue to accept applications from international students until later in the year, nearer the beginning of the course. We can give you detailed information regarding deadlines for international students, you just need to contact us.

Don’t leave it too late though, because if you do get a place, you’ll still need to arrange a visa and your accommodation.


Students with conditional offers have the option of attending pre-sessional courses instead of retaking IELTS.


September intake at UK universities provides several benefits including the full range of available courses. It’s also a good opportunity for student to prepare for the upcoming September intake by taking A Levels or a Foundation pathway or/and Pre-sessional English Language Preparation Courses.

Universities offer a range of Pre-sessional courses of different lengths: 6, 8, 12, 19, 24, 36, 44 19 weeks. There are several different lengths of pre-sessional course and which course is the right one for you will depend on your incoming language level, and the level you need to achieve for your chosen degree.

Please be sure to read the How to Apply sections of our website prior to preparing your application, we can also provide you with useful information and guidance so you can find a suitable course.

If you need any information on how to apply or have any queries, please contact our Admissions Team by completing the Apply Now form.

Scholarship - September Intake

There are a number of joint and external scholarships opportunities which have a different application process for September intake. But please note that you can only apply for a scholarship once you have applied for admission for a place on the course you wish to study and been offered either a conditional or unconditional offer.

We cannot apply for any scholarship application without an admissions offer!


Eligibility for scholarships

Each scholarship has its own set of eligibility criteria which you should check carefully to make sure you are eligible before you apply. In addition to checking the specific criteria for the scholarship/s you wish to apply for, you should also check the general eligibility criteria for the University scholarship programme, and pay close attention to the application deadlines. Deadlines to Scholarships are usually between January and March.

We can help you with more information about halt-fee scholarships and other types of scholarships available to international students, you just need to contact us.


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