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UK University Progression Courses

Your journey to UK undergraduate success starts here.

There are several pre-university programs leading to a wide range of undergraduate degrees at leading universities across the UK such as International Foundation, A-level, Pre-master's Programme and Pre-sessional English Language Courses, we aim to help you chose the most suitable course based on your academic achievements and chosen University.

These programs are designed for international students who do not meet the requirements for direct entry to university study and those who want to benefit from the extra support offered on those courses preparing the students to progress to their chosen university.

University academic preparation courses will help you make a smooth transition into the UK education system and help you realize your academic ambition to your chosen degree at any UK university. Don't worry if your English does not meet your chosen university requirements, we can also place you into an English language course which will prepare you for university study.

If you are planning to start your degree in September and believe that there is still plenty of time to start your application process, be cautious you might have less time than you think!

You can find our Step by step guide on how to apply to UK University here.


A Levels vs Foundation: Which One Should You Choose?

Are you thinking about applying to university and need to obtain an officially recognised qualification to gain entry to your chosen degree? It’s likely that either A-levels or a Foundation course will be your best option.

Students who have studied at least 13 years of education by the time they leave high school and achieve good grades may not be required to attend a pre-university course in the UK. Alternatively, if you have studied at an international school in your home country and followed the British curriculum, you will likely have graduated from high school with either A levels or an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma and therefore your qualification will be instantly recognised by British universities.

However, if you have not obtained any of these qualifications you will most likely be required to undertake a foundation course (which tends to take one academic year) before you are accepted onto a full degree course.

A-levels and Foundation programmes are both pre-university level courses taken by students as they finish high school and prepare for degree level study in the UK.

Highly selective universities often require A level qualifications as part of their entry requirements, on the other hand, less selective universities have lower entry requirements and may be more willing to accept international students directly onto their degree courses without A level or equivalent qualifications and may also offer pathway courses to students without the required qualification, such as international foundation courses. These universities can be quite flexible in accepting a range of entry qualifications and sometimes even accept a high-level of professional work experience for some of their courses.


Comparison between A-Levels and Foundation Courses

Foundation A-Levels
Lenght of Study 6 to 12 months 12 to 24 months
Syllabus Core subjects are more focused and tailored to your study area. 3-4 subjects (extensive range of subjects). Broader and comprehensive syllabus
Assessment Exams and coursework 100% exam-based, separated into 2 parts — AS Level and A2 Level.
Leve of Recognition Accepted by most UK universities including few medical courses. Accept by all UK universities. One of the most well-acknowledged qualifications globally.
Level of English IELTS 5.5+, Usually UKVI IELTS is required IELTS 5.5+
Age 16.5+ 16+
Location On-campus and Off Campus Off-Campus only
Cost Starting from £15000 (average) Starting from £21000 per year (average)


Where to study A-Levels or Foundation in the UK?


There are a number of different course providers in the UK, some courses are delivered directly by the university as part of an 'integrated degree' others by international colleges and boarding schools.

Our team of professionals can provide you with the best available options suited to your preference and qualifications. Contact us for more information!

Apply for September 2024 Intake at UK Universities

Get your offer to study in the UK now! If you are planning to start your degree in September 2024 and have not yet managed to get an offer, be cautious you might have less time than you think!

We can guarantee that you will get an offer based on your academic achievements.

It also time to think about your visa situation. There are many details to consider when traveling to a foreign country to study. We are here to help you get an offer and a visa to study in the UK.

There are several steps involved in making a successful visa application, UK Study has some very useful guidance, ensuring you meet the requirements, in particular calculating monetary evidence required, and documents needed, contact us for guidance!

Let us help you find the right university for you and get your Student Visa.

Applying for a Joint CAS / iCAS – No IELTS for UKVI required

A joint Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) covers both your Pre-university Course and your main course of study. This means you can apply for a Student Visa to cover the whole duration of your studies at your chosen university.

You can apply for a joint CAS if:
• You have an offer for your main course
• Your main course of study will be at degree-level (e.g. NQF 6) or above
• There will be a gap of no more than one month between the end of your course and the start of your main course
• You can meet the maintenance requirement for the entire course
if you are planning on coming to the UK with a CAS that only covers a Pathway course, you will need a UKVI IELTS test. Many students choose to have a UKVI IELTS to make sure that they can keep all options open.

Once you receive a joint CAS, you are obliged to attend both courses in order to comply with the attendance and engagement rules of the UKVI. If you want to know more, contact us today.


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