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University of Reading: Over the last year, we have been awarded over 30m GBP in external research grant income, of which 63% is from Research Councils.
[Source: Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) Financial Statistics Return (FSR) 2009/10. Research grants and contracts income 31.72m GBP, Recurrent research income from funding body 18.39m GBP]University of Reading total research income over the last year has been over 50m GBP.
[Source: HESA FSR 2009/10. Income from research grants and contracts and recurrent research income from funding body 50.11m GBP]

University of Reading has a 29% success rate in grant applications which we make to Research Councils, ranking 6th among UK Higher Education Institutions.
[Source: Times Higher Education Research Council awards 2009/10 (N.B. ranking given excludes institutions with less than 10 awards in total)]

The University of Reading is ranked within the top 5 for the number of awards received from the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), with a 33% success rate in grant applications.
[Source: Times Higher Education Research Council awards 2009/10]

We currently have 21 Research Council fellows amongst our staff.

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