Study in Oxford Brookes University

Study in Oxford Brookes University

Oxford Brookes University was chosen by the Carbon Trustas one of the three UK universities it supports in its determination to improve carbon management and environmental performance. Oxford Brookes University was funded to engage Energy for Sustainable Development (ESD) in its commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Oxford Brookes University is a premier learning and teaching institution with an outstanding research record.

Oxford Brookes University is widely acknowledged to be the UK’s leading modern university, surpassing many older institutions in newspaper league tables. While they are proud of that accolade, their vision is simply to become one of the very best of all universities.

A tradition of academic excellence

Oxford Brookes University is the only UK modern university to have achieved 24 subjects rated as excellent for teaching. Oxford Brookes University has a longstanding reputation for employability, and are host to two national centres of excellence in teaching and learning.

Oxford Brookes University can trace its history back as far as 1865 with the foundation of the Oxford School of Art, which over the centuries merged and grew to become today’s university. It was in 1992 that the then Oxford Polytechnic became Oxford Brookes University, naming itself after John Henry Brookes, first Principal of the Schools of Technology, Art and Commerce.

Oxford Brookes University has confirmed its position as the country’s best modern university by again topping our league of new institutions.

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