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Study in Amity University in London

Being part of a pioneer international academic group with over 20 years of experience in the education and more than 100,000 students in the world, Amity University was founded in London in 2009.

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Amity University in LondonINLondonStudy in Amity in London

Thanks to business and management (BBA & MBA) degrees offered by Amity London, students are of golden opportunities in order to expand their knowledge and possibility of finding a job.

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You will find the top level of teaching in our management field due to years of experience of our renowned teachers. The focus of learning in Amity is not on memorizing formulas and facts but on interpretation and comprehension of subjects by holding discussions in classes and self-studies so as to raise creative, self-determined students. Amity London has association and official contract with two universities, namely University of Bolton and University of Northampton, which provide the degree awards for Amity. Hence, those degree courses are controlled and scheduled by one of these universities. In addition to our high standard, worldwide accredited UK degrees, students can enjoy of our perfect location in central London. Birkbeck College, University of London in Bloomsbury – educational center of the city – is where Amity’s facilities are. At number 24 Bedford Square, you can find the Amity House which is a fantastic Georgian building. Amity House is the place for both student and the university intercourse as well as student-support services bureau. A great merit of studying at Amity London is the opportunity to have courses at the best price and at the best time while college and university costs are currently staggering in Britain.

University Facilities in Amity University in London

  • Amity University facilities are located in 3 sites of Bloomsbury district, each has only 5-minute walk distance.

Classrooms in Amity University

  • All the lectures and seminars are held at the Birckbeck College in University of London near Malet Street. These classrooms are equipped with the most recent facilities such as Wi-Fi as well as the newest audio-visual teaching aid technologies. Furthermore, there are cafés and bars outside the classes for students for the time they need to rest and chill.

Computer Labs in Amity

  • Having full access to computer labs and such computer services as PCs, printers, and scanners at Birckbeck College enables students to make use of these services for free, with the exception of printing which is even very inexpensive.

Libraries in Amity University in London

  • Libraries are an essential source in studying for any degree. In Amity, students are of great opportunity by enrolling in our 3 high-quality libraries.


Birckbeck College Library in Amity 

  • Birckbeck College enjoys a state-of-the-art 5-storey library with easy access to computers and Wi-Fi. Members of this library are able to benefit from photocopy and printer services—both are connected with Wi-Fi and e-mail.

Senate House Library in Amity University

  • Senate House Library, adjacent to Birckbeck College, is the largest part of Research Library Services of University of London and one of the finest in Britain has 3 million volumes in 15 floors. This library is an invaluable research center in addition to a quiet and suitable place for students who require a calm, noiseless spot for studying.

Bolton University Digital Library in Amity

  • In order to augment the resources provided by Amity, research students of Amity, who have registered University of Bolton programs, have access to the university’s library, which includes relevant e-books, online business journals and past exam papers.

Career advice in Amity University

  • By holding workshops and presenting online sources, Amity’s Careers and Employability services assists students to improve in their career. This help includes guidance to write CV, preparation for the job interview, finding a suitable career on the Internet, digital skill support, to name but a few.

Disability support

  • One of the most respected activities at Amity is supporting the students with disabilities and providing the facilities to comfort the conditions for them. We are committed to fully support you through your studies and research regardless of your condition.

Student committee

  • The student committee is made up of the students themselves and plays a vital role in both educational and social life at the institute. This committee consists of class representatives as well as elected officers.

Student Union

  • Amity’s full-time students are enrolled with the Birkbeck Students’ Union and are entitled to join its clubs and societies.

International Students in Amity University in london

 English language requirement in Amity University

  • Undergraduate: IELTS 6.0 overall or the equivalent, with exception.
  • Postgraduate (Master degree): IELTS 6.5 overall or the equivalent, with exception.
  • Postgraduate (Research degree): IELTS 6.5 overall or the equivalent, unless higher grade has been mentioned in the intended field in undergraduate or graduate level.

Student housing in Amity University

  • Since houses are expensive to rent in London, students are often faced with difficulties to find a reasonable price house to rent. To do so, Amity has considered halls of residence throughout London for international students to be easily accommodated. Students who wish to use this service need to indicate in order of preference on their application form the halls of residence in which they are interested.

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