University of Winchester

In such a world, an international perspective is greatly required. Therefore, at the University of Winchester we are keen to encourage the internationalisation of our student population and of our curriculum and teaching.

The perspective we seek is achieved by internationalising our learning, teaching and research, by creating a welcoming environment for international students and by creating an international environment for our home students.

The University of Winchester values international agreements such as the Bologna Accords which have integrated UK higher education into the European community and so help our students to experience education in a different context and help our graduates to be more mobile in the job market.

We have academic staff from all over the world. Their different intellectual approaches, as well as the different cultures they originate from, once again enrich the diversity of the University. Our staff research has an international dimension both in terms of its scope and its quality.

We welcome international partnerships with other universities and groups such as charities and non-governmental organisations. They bring great benefit to our teaching, learning and research.

Through our partnerships we ensure that the broadest possible base of knowledge exists in the University and that we are as aware of global perspectives as we can be. Our focus on internationalisation makes us outward-facing.

The University of Winchester warmly welcomes international students from America, Europe, the Far East and elsewhere. They make a vital contribution to the diversity of the University and to the diversity of Winchester as a city. They bring fresh perspectives to bear upon issues and they show us that different points of view matter. Our intellectual environment is therefore enriched by the multiple cultures which we encompass within the community of the University. This means that studying at Winchester, whether you are an international or a home student, makes you part of a global community.

The roots of the University of Winchester began in 1840 when the Winchester Diocesan Training School was founded as a Church of England foundation. It was designed to provide for the training of elementary schoolmasters. The School was initially quite small and housed in St Swithun’s Street, Winchester.

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