UKstudy.com is particularly attentive to each single student’s well-being and satisfaction. Our positive feedbacks are the reward of our efforts and keep us continually driven to maintain this level of excellence. All our students are required to leave a detailed feedback about our services, the school they studied at, the quality of their accommodation and the town where they have studied. After having advised and placed over 150,000 students in the last 13 years, we are confident in offering fair directions to new students, and making sure our study options are in ad equation with their profiles, goals and requirements.

You will find below few comments from previous students who have benefited from the UKstudy services:You can also watch a short video of students Edna & Estella at StudyFirst.tv

  • I have done an internship at UKstudy in Brighton for 6 months and it was a great time. I wanted to stay some time abroad after finishing high school in Germany and I decided to make in internship in the tourism branch. I got an experience of how it is like to work in an office and as an intern I already had a few responsibilities, such as working on translations, liaising with other staff members, and other general office duties. The people in the office are really friendly and we had a lot of fun together. I love Brighton so much that I have decided to stay here and start to study at the University of Brighton. UKstudy has helped me with my university application and they are still here if I need any help.

  • I’ve been living in Brighton for nearly two years; here, I’ve met incredible people, some of then have been UK Study staff. They’ve been such as helpful and friendly people who are always available to contact in case of any problem as a student. They advised me during my visa application and they help me with my process and application for my Master’s degree at Brighton Uni. I’m really happy and grateful for their services and collaboration.

  • My name is Ingrid Leguizamon, I am 25 years old, I am from Venezuela and I am doing a MA International Business Management at London Metropolitan University. London is an exciting multicultural city, you will have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. UK Study provided me all the support  to get through my process of selecting a course, during applying for my visa. Uk Study team is a group of people that works for international students wealth, you will always find support from them, If you are thinking to come to the UK I highly recommend you, without any doubt, to get in contact with UKstudy, the will direct you to the make the most of this wonderful experience of studying abroad.

  • I arrived at Burlington School on my first day and there was amazing hospitality and smiling faces welcoming me in the office and in the classroom. I love my course and my teacher is great. There is a very friendly atmosphere with professional teaching and very high education standards. The social activities are lots of fun bringing staff and students together in an enjoyable way. By living in the School Residence I made many close friends that I am still in contact with in Germany, Brazil and France. I am very happy to be studying here.

  • I am studying at BBSI at Bournemouth since January of this year (2007) and I love it. Who help me to choice my course was Luciano of UKstudy. He had all the patience in the world with me. I was really undecided and was not sure where, when and what to study but he help me with everything even with my visa application. And the best thing of all of it was that everything was for free! So I think we should think better before pay loads of money for agencies that do not help us with anything.

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