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Why should you choose to attend a summer school in the UK? Summer schools are short post-term courses that offer students with extended knowledge of many different educational subjects that usually cannot be covered in full during term time. Many schools and universities all around the world hold annual summer schools that include educational, social, and cultural activities which can enrich students’ summertime with great experiences and useful knowledge.

In the UK, a lot of world-renowned universities offer summer school courses which include lectures on different fields and majors. These lectures are usually performed by top teachers and professors from around the globe. As such these courses can provide the attending students with very unique and invaluable experiences and help them get more out of their study period in the UK.

Why Study Summer Schools in the UK

  • The UK tops the list of popular countries for summer schools.
  • There are a wide variety of summer courses that help you gain valuable international experience for a diverse and successful future.
  • Courses are held at the best summer camps in the UK, such as Oxford, Cambridge, King’s College London, UCL and other renowned boarding schools in England.
  • Experience an unforgettable learning experience while learning English and practicing with your favorite sports or art coaches.
  • Summer Schools in the UK will also teach you English because you are involved with international students and you need to speak English to communicate.
  • Participating in summer courses in the UK will be especially useful for students who wish to continue to study in the UK.
  • Classes in these courses include lectures, seminars, and teamwork, and this is a great opportunity to be in a classroom. You can have teamwork and learn about collaboration.
  • See England’s famous landmarks and sights on special trips.

You will be offered accommodation and meals during your summer stay in England.

UKStudy’s Partner Summer Schools

Many of UKStudy’s partners hold special summer schools each year which are among the top summer schools available in the UK. Some of them are the renowned University of London School of Business & Finance which is one of the top business summer schools in the UK and the University of London Public Financial Management Summer School is another great summer course for those studying in economics-related subjects. In addition, for those who aim to strengthen their English skills the Language Gallery offers a fantastic summer school. Also, The University of Leicester offers another great summer course where students have the opportunity to attend high-quality lectures and participate in many extra social events.

Finally, The University of Oxford offers a summer school in English for the high scholars who are willing to enroll in an English taught university. There are even more summer schools in the UK, all of which can also be attended with the help of UKStudy’s placement services. Therefore, if you wish to sign-up in any of the UK’s summer schools, feel free to contact our advisers for free-expert educational consultancy. Finally, in response to the needs of Language School applicants and students studying in the UK, UKStudy has developed an index of all UK language schools accredited by the “British council”. Below, you will find a small description of every language school in the UK tagged to a link leading to the designated page of each school for further information.

If you’re fond of Hogwarts, UK Boarding schools will be the ideal place for you.

Study at Boarding Schools in the UK Specialised Guideline

BA-Z List of UK Summer Schools
Bloomsbury International
*Bournemouth School of English
*Brighton Language College
*Bristol Language Centre
*British Study Centres – Oxford Brookes University – Headington Campus
*British Study Centres – Wycliffe College
*British Study Centres Argingly College
*British Study Centres Cheltenham Ladies College
*British Study Centres Frensham Heights School
*Bucksmore Education
*Embassy Summer Brighton
*Embassy Summer Cambridge
*Embassy Summer Canterbury
*Embassy Summer Chichester
*Embassy Summer Hastings
*Embassy Summer London Chalfont
*Embassy Summer London Docklands
*Embassy Summer London Harrow
*Embassy Summer London Mile End
*Embassy Summer London South Bank
*Embassy Summer London UCL
*Embassy Summer London Uxbridge
*Embassy Summer Medway
*Embassy Summer Oxford
*Embassy Summer Oxford Reigate
*Embassy Summer Southsea
*English Language Centre Brighton
*International House Dublin
*International House Ellesmere
*International House Newcastle
*Kings Summer Bath Downside
*Kings Summer Bournemouth
*Kings Summer Cheltenham
*Kings Summer London Beckenham
*Kings Summer London Farringtons
*Kings Summer London South Bank
*Kings Summer Oxford
*Kings Summer Pangbourne
*LTC Eastbourne
*Oxford International
*SKOLA Ascot
*SKOLA Exeter City
*SKOLA Hyde Park
*SKOLA Newland College
*St.Giles International Cambridge
*St.Giles International Canterbury
*St.Giles International London
*St.Giles International Nottingham
*St.Giles International Oxford
*St.Giles International Southampton
*Stafford House Brighton
*Stafford House Cambridge
*Stafford House Canterbury
*Stafford House Cheltenham
*Stafford House Edinburgh
*Stafford House Felsted
*Stafford House Ipswich
*Stafford House London Bloomsbury
*Stafford House London Uxbridge
*Stafford House Malvern
*Stafford House York
*The English Studio
*Twin Summer School Ardingly
*Twin Summer School Dover
*Twin Summer School Eastbourne
*Twin Summer School London
*Twin Summer School London St.Dunstan’s

Summer Schools in The UK

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