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The United Kingdom and more specifically the England mainland is home to world-renown educational institutions like Oxford University, Cambridge University, University College London and King’s College London. These institutions of higher learning, offer top-notch teachings and study environments that are every international student’s dream. No matter what field of study you wish to pursue, England universities will have a course for you. As such, The possibilities are endless and so are the courses on offer for international students to study in England.

England also has one of the biggest international communities from around the world. Additionally, there are countless historical and cultural landmarks to explore and vibrant cities to study in. You can study in London, Brighton, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and Coventry, to enjoy the extensive nightlife and numerous facilities available for aspiring international students.

Do you want to study in England but aren’t sure where to start looking? can help. We offer expert placement services for international students who want to study in England, for free. So whether you want to study English in England or take an academic course at one of the UK’s finest universities, we can help you find and apply for it here.

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We Are Here to Help has all the information you need in order to study in England, including details of the best schools, colleges, and universities. Once you’ve found the right one, we can apply for a course for you. All we need are your details.

Finding the right school to study in England is easy with our online Index. You can either fill out the inquiry form on the right-hand side of the current page and let us send you some suggestions via email, or you can use our Course Finder and find something yourself and then inform us to start the admission process for you.

We also have information about the English Proficiency exams you can take and where they are recognized, from basic English exams to certificates that are known and accepted all over the world like IELTS & TOEFL. In addition, We even provide a handy guide to the towns and cities where you can study.

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Study in England