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Colleges in the UK perform a variety of roles, including further education for (14-19) year-olds, vocational training, and adult education. Colleges of Further Education are a popular choice for international students studying a university preparation course or completing a full-time or part-time vocational qualification. Most colleges in the UK are public institutions, but several private colleges cater to specific types of students as well. Courses at UK colleges last for one or two years.

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Courses at Colleges in the UK

International Foundation Year

An International Foundation Year is for international students who are about to finish the study in their native country but do not have the demanded grades to start studying at a UK university. Students on an International Foundation Year programme will study a particular subject pathway, which also covers specific English language and learning skills.

International A-Level

Several colleges in the UK present an international A-Level programme which accompanies the traditional A-Level programme for UK students. In addition to studying some subjects, English language learning is also included.

BTEC Nationals

BTEC Nationals are for students who know which career pathway they want to take as they proceed towards further study at a UK university. This course is similar to A-Levels, usually lasts for two years, and students will start to study at the age of 16.

HND (Higher National Diploma)

Similar to BTEC Nationals, the Higher National Diploma prepares pupils for employment or further study in particular industries. Full-time courses last for two years and part-time courses for up to four years.

Colleges in the UK

Colleges in the UK offer a wide variety of courses, ranging from practical, vocational foundation programmes to academic postgraduate Masters. Selecting the proper level of course to study is one of the first decisions you need to make after deciding to study in the UK.

Here is a detailed guide to what type of courses you should choose if you want to study at a university:

Foundation course: Foundation courses are ordinarily one year long and are usually designed to prepare you for a full undergraduate degree. To get on to them, you generally need a lower level of education than for undergraduate degrees. The equivalent of UK GCSEs (exams taken at the age of 16) are usually acceptable.

Undergraduate degree: If you have finished school and have qualifications at the same level as International Baccalaureates (or UK A-Levels), and you wish to continue your education, then an undergraduate degree might be the right level for you.

Postgraduate Masters: Postgraduate Masters courses are merely for students who have previously achieved an undergraduate degree (or the equivalent) either in the UK or their home country.

answers to the most important questions about studying at UK colleges

answers to the most important questions about studying at UK colleges

helpWhy Should I Study a Foundation Course?

If you wish to study in the UK, but do not possess the right qualifications for a university course, studying a foundation course at college could be excellent for you. Many students study at colleges in the UK to get ready and obtain the appropriate qualifications for university.

For instance, several degrees related to Art will require the students to have first completed a foundation year in the related subject area. In addition to this, colleges in the UK offer a vast range of practical courses that most universities don’t, this way you can study any subject you desire.

time leftHow Long are Foundation Courses?

Most foundation courses only last one year, if studied full time. Within this year, the dates and study time can differ based on the course and college. The structure may be similar to a school, where most days, you have to be in college from 9-5, or it might be much more like an undergraduate degree with just a few ‘contact’ hours (time spent in lectures and seminars) a week. Thus, if you are studying in an Art related area, you will do a lot of work on your own, while a science or business-related subject will require you to spend much more time with teachers.

Why Should I Study an Undergraduate Course?

There are many reasons students choose to study undergraduate degrees at colleges in the UK rather than universities. Firstly, in several practical subjects, specialised colleges are the most highly respected institutions to study at. For instance, in Art, the UK (and particularly London) have some of the most respected institutions in the world, and they are all colleges. Equivalently, colleges in the UK present a more diverse range of courses than most universities, offering practical courses that universities are incapable of providing.

How Long do Undergraduate Courses Take?

If you study full time, most undergraduate courses last three years in the UK. Still, generally, each academic year will start around October and end in June and is divided into three semesters that are 10-12 weeks long. The precise dates of your course should be easy to find on the college website. Every week, the time you spend at colleges in the UK with tutors will depend on the course you are studying.

However, this time difference between courses at colleges in the UK is because of the amount of work that students do away from contact hours- reading, writing, researching, and so on. You should not presume that every week will be the same. Some weeks will be very quiet, but if you have an exam or essay deadline, you will likely be working a lot more. You can check out flexible adult degree programs at colleges in the UK If you already have a tight schedule.

Why Should I Study a Postgraduate Course?

It is at the postgraduate level that many colleges in the UK truly shine. There are a lot of colleges in the UK that specialise in specific areas of study and therefore can offer specialist Masters courses like nowhere. Colleges in the UK offer highly respected masters courses ranging from Business to Art and Journalism to Music. Because colleges can specialise in just one area, it indicates that many of them have the best specialist expertise and equipment in the UK. Besides, because many colleges in the UK have a good reputation, you will leave with a qualification that will help you throughout your life and career.

How Long are Postgraduate Courses?

Students who study full time at colleges in the UK will typically complete a masters’s course in one year. This duration varies slightly for each college, but ordinarily, the academic year will be a little longer than at the undergraduate level, starting in October and ending in September. Most masters courses consist of two semesters of teaching that last until March. The number of ‘contact’ hours each week while studying a Masters is ordinarily less than at the undergraduate level as students are supposed to work on their own a lot more. These hours could be as low as just 3 or 4 hours a week, although they can still be much higher. For instance, on a Business Master’s, students will usually spend up to 40 hours a week attending seminars and lectures.

From April onwards, many colleges in the UK will either end completely or significantly lessen the number of contact hours students have. This way, students will have time to complete their projects in time for the end of the academic year in September.

Colleges in UK London

There are many colleges in London, but we obviously cannot name all of them here. So, we present information about two colleges that are most well-known in London. These colleges in the UK have an outstanding education system and have achieved excellent results over the years. You might have heard of them, and if not, no matter. Read this article, and you will be hooked.

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Choose the Best Colleges in the UK

Ever pictured yourself in academic dresses of top universities in the UK such as Cambridge, Oxford, or Imperial College London? What do you think is the best path to get a place in those dream universities? One of the best and most certain ways to increase the chance of getting accepted by top UK universities is to start from a stage right before university. This stage, as you might have gathered so far, is the colleges.

In the UK, colleges offer GCSE, A-Level, and Foundation courses, as discussed in the intro. The thing is, the exam results of these courses are crucial when top ranking universities are deciding whether to accept you or not. Simply put, if you want to go to the best universities in the UK, you need to have the best GCSE and A-Level grades. And To get those grades, you need to study at a good college in the UK. However, while there are many good colleges in the UK, few are the best.

Kings Education, CATS and Bellerbys Colleges are among the best options out there. The reason is simple. They have high percentages of top grades in A-Levels and GCSEs, dedicated study pathways, and top notch recreational and educational facilities and programmes. Besides, they have different campuses in different cities of the UK. By applying and joining these colleges, you can secure your path to your dream university in the UK. Clink on the buttons below to apply for or learn more about any of these three colleges.

king education

King’s College Education

Kings has four Colleges in the UK in London, Oxford, Brighton and Bournemouth and all offer English language courses and university preparation in secure, warm and welcoming environments. The classes are small, and the teachers are supportive and attentive. The focus is on finding the best study method and pathway for each student and helping each student go all the way to the top.

What makes Kings interesting is the summer plus programme. This programme is every young student’s dream. The only thing you need to know is that it involves Harry Potter. Are you intrigued yet? Call us to get the full details.



Cats college London

CATS is one of the most innovative and prosperous independent education providers in the UK and the USA. Students from CATS Colleges can now benefit from conditional progression to thirteen UK universities, including two Russell Group members: the University of Bristol and the University of Exeter. In addition to a variety of conditional offers, every CATS student will continue to receive one-to-one independent counsel and guidance from dedicated CATS Higher Education Officers who have over 60 years of experience in counseling students on choosing the right university and degree programme.

This is the kind of support that every student needs. Also, CATS accommodation is available for all age groups.This will be ideal if you wish to stay in a learning environment while enjoying several exciting activities. All CATS locations have their own advantages; it all comes down to your interests when you want to choose one of them. Pick your favourite city so you can truly enjoy studying, and don’t worry about the quality of teaching. CATS’ staff are highly educated and supportive; they will help you grow in every aspect, not just your studies.



Bellerbys College

If your goal is to study at top UK universities, then Bellerbys College is the best choice for you. Student care at Bellerbys includes counselling, advice on visa related questions, such as an extension or visiting a third country, student welfare, and more. At Bellerbys, students acquire life skills that in the future will be useful enough to make them successful citizens. Also, you will build long-lasting international friendships at Bellerbys.

Bellerbys’ exciting enrichment programmes help students to follow their passion. Students who take part in these enrichment programmes will have great job opportunities as they develop excellent skills that make them stand out.

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