Study a level in london

Study A Level in London

A-Level in London is a popular route into high ranking universities, offering a broad number of subjects including some that you may not have studied before. Students are mainly assessed by examinations at the end of a two-year or a three-year period, although some subjects may have a coursework part as well. A-Levels are also a great opportunity for students who don’t look for further education and it helps them achieve their career aspirations.

A large number of international students annually study A-Levels at a dedicated FE college (Further Education College) or a boarding school in London that offers a wide array of A Level subjects, two-year complete courses, one-year fast track courses, and vocational courses. The A Level qualification is the most common method used by UK universities to decide a candidate’s suitability for academic subjects.


A Level Colleges in London Ranking

A-level colleges in London for international students are one of the best in the world, as many students yearly attend these well-equipped and world-class colleges to study their GCSEs, A-Levels, or Language courses. These colleges offer outstanding options for international students which brings future success for them. Although ranking best a level colleges in London solely based on their academic results does not give a complete representation of the true standings of each college. It is undeniable that examination results provide crucial data for judging the performance of colleges.

UKStudy has close contact with many of the UK’s top international colleges such as King’s College London that offer a wide range of A-Level courses and subjects. You can find a broad list of A-Level colleges in London, each college’s ranking, information, and location in International Colleges in UK.

A-Level in London colleges is allowed to be done in one year, though some subjects are a little difficult to be completed within one year alongside with other subjects, for example mostly essay based subjects as they require a lot of writing.


Best A Level Schools in London

A-Level schools in London are usually evaluated by the students’ league tables of A Levels results in a specific year. Each school has its own indicator for the measurement they put in their league table. They often mention these indicators on their websites. Best A Level Schools results normally are examined all over the UK, not just London- something to bear in mind. Students can find the best A-Level schools in these league tables as it is micro information. You can find a list of best A Level Schools in London and the UK and their ranking in A Level Schools in the UK.


A Level Maths London

Mathematics is the basis of almost all science and economic-based fields of study, from physicists and geographers to bankers and engineers; therefore it is seen as a key skill at most colleges in London. Students should always think about taking Mathematics to at least A-Level to prove to future employers that they can easily deal with many different types of figures and calculations. Most colleges in London and all over the UK offer Maths courses with a different duration that covers the three most important elements of mathematics including pure mathematics, applied mathematics (mechanics), and statistics. General entry requirements for this course is understanding of all GCSE Mathematics topics, GCSE grade B / 6 or above in Mathematics, possessing at least 6 GCSEs at grades 5 – 9, and GCSE grade C / 4 or above in English (For International Students).


A Levels for Adults in London

Most students study A-levels in the sixth form when they are 16 and 18 years old for free, but you can take them at any age and at any time. There’s a wide array of A-Levels for adults offered in the UK colleges. Unfortunately, there’s not a single database of all available A-Level courses and subjects, therefore you need to make an independent online search to find a suitable course and combination of subjects. If you are 19 years old or more and you want to attend A Levels for adults in London, you can simply contact the college you wish to apply or contact our professional advisors for free, but you should do this as soon as you can because most colleges have limited spaces.


A Level Courses London

A-Levels (Advanced Levels) are subject-based qualifications in UK schools which means you can choose any subject and course you require and there are no compulsory subjects in A-Level courses. Most colleges in London offer one-year, 18 months, or two-year A-level programs for international students, and depending on your prior knowledge and qualifications you can choose the best course for yourself.  International students usually study three or four A-Level subjects over two years, however, they can take a one-year fast track A Level course as well.

The minimum requirement even for the top universities is that you take three A-levels (excluding General Studies); these will be the bedrock of your offer. Some students determine to take on additional A’s or full A-level subjects, giving them a total of four or five A-levels with which to apply to university.


A Level Retakes London

Students can take the A-Level exams once per year and exams normally happen in June. In other words, you can enroll to retake the exams in the following year and the option of taking A-level exams in January is unfortunately no longer available in the UK. There are two costs to take part in re-taking your A-levels. First, there’s a tuition fee and second, there is an exam fee. The tuition fee is likely to become lower if you go back to your school or original center to re-take your A-Levels, but you will have to pay the exam fee.