Student Life in Stirling

Stirling Overview

Stirling is a city known for its history with a plethora of buildings that are filled with heritage and stories, Stirling is now majorly a student city with over 20% of the population are aged 16-29. With Glasgow and Edinburgh just a short 40 minutes away by road or rail, you are in the perfect spot to experience Scotland and will struggle to get bored in this great city. One of the most historical buildings in Scotland is the Stirling Castle, built in the 12th century the castle sits at the top of a cliff overlooking the city. The castle is now open to the public where you are able to visit and learn about the history and heritage of Stirling and the castle itself. The worlds oldest football was found behind a wall in the castle, it is famed for being Scotland’s best visitor attraction in 2016. Similarly, to the castle, The National Wallace Monument is located in Stirling, sitting at 220ft high you are able to climb to the top and look out over the city. The Gothic monument commemorates one of Scotland’s biggest war heroes, William (Braveheart) Wallace. The Church of the Holy Rude is the second oldest building in Scotland (first is the castle) and has been a parish church for over 600 years, other than Westminster Abbey, it is the only British Church that is still being used today to have had a royal coronation.

Things to do in Stirling

Although Stirling is small in size, they have plenty of shops to choose from; the historic Victorian arcade has a plethora of independent shops and boutiques, the high street is always busy and Thistles shopping centre is home to some of the biggest brands in retail, all this makes Stirling a great place to shop. If you enjoy cooking, on the second Saturday of every month you will find the farmers market where you can buy local produce at great prices, the market is in the middle of the city on Port Street. Close to the university campus you will find a vibrant mix of places to drink; bars and traditional pubs are few and far between, but all boast a great atmosphere. Stirling has two major nightclubs, Fubar and Dusk are very popular with students and they also have DJ’s most nights with a lot of student discounts on entry and drinks. There is a multiplex cinema in the city which shows the latest blockbusters and Hollywood films.

Sport in Stirling

There are two sports that are very prominent in and around the city, with eight golf courses nearby and at least seven bowling greens these are the two sports you may become very familiar with whilst living in Stirling. With three leisure centres offering a wide range of facilities you won’t struggle to stay fit and healthy whilst studying at university. With several waterways near the city it makes Stirling a great place for fishing, fishers from all over the country come to Stirling to take advantage of its beautiful scenery and great fishing lakes.

Escape Stirling

Just a short 30-minute drive south-west of the city and you will come across Glasgow, there is so much to do in Glasgow and also a great place for a night out due to its bustling nightlife. To the east of the city is the Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park which is known for its picturesque landscape and fantastic walking trails, you will also find several lochs which make for a perfect place to spend the day when the weather is nice.

Transport in Stirling

Stirling is very well connected to the motorway network as the M9 connects Stirling to Edinburgh and the rest of the national motorway network. You are able to get trains to most of the major cities across the UK and all of the major cities in Scotland. Glasgow and Edinburgh airports are nearby which makes it very easy for international students to study in Stirling.

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