Student Life in Lincoln

Lincoln Overview

Lincoln is a small city that has some very rich heritage and beautifully constructed buildings dating back many years with some fascinating tales and stories. One thing you will notice the second you step into Lincoln is the 11th Century Gothic style Cathedral. The construction of the cathedral started in 1072 and was finished in 1092, when they finished in 1092 it did not look how it looks today, throughout history they have been adding bits to the cathedral which you can find out all about by visiting the cathedral. Just a stone’s throw away from the cathedral you will find Lincoln Castle, it is only one of two in the country that is surrounded by two mottes. It was built by William the Conqueror in 1068 and has stayed strong for nearly 1000 years as a beautiful land mark of this small city. It is home to only one of four original copies of the Magna Carta which is known as one of the most important events in the history of the world. The university was built near the water which originated as a Roman port due to its access to North Sea.

Things to do in Lincoln

Take a walk in a town with a wealth of history, Lower Town is full of old important churches such as; St. Peter-at-Gowts and St. Mary le Wigford were both built in the 10th century and boast fantastic Saxon towers. Upper town is the place to find the most interesting medieval roots, Steep Hill is exactly what it says on the tin, a very steep hill with a cobbled footpath that is lined on both sides with independent shops. At the bottom of Steep Hill, you will find Jew House which was a Norman built building constructed about 1170 which has now been turned into a restaurant with some fantastic food and a friendly vibe. Whilst you are in Upper Town then take a trip to the Merchant’s houses where you will find several buildings with a vast history. The Museum of Lincolnshire life shows the rich and varied social history and culture from 1750 to present. At the museum you will find everything from agriculture to community life, the biggest attraction to the museum is the country’s oldest tank from World War 1. As well as all the exhibits you will find a fully functional Victorian kitchen where they perform demonstrations of what it was like back in the Victorian times which gives attendees a real feel for how life use to be.

Sport in Lincoln

You are able to windsurf and water-ski on lakes that are just to the south of the city, if you have done it before they have a high-standard club which will suit you better. There is only one leisure centre in Lincoln and it is called Yarborough Leisure centre and is home to a gym, swimming pool, exercise studio and many other facilities.

Escape Lincoln

Just outside of Lincoln you will find the Lincolnshire Wolds which are a range of hills that boast some fantastic views making it the perfect place to escape the stresses of University. Roughly 40 miles away are costal towns Grimsby and Cleethorpes which are beautiful towns with a fantastic friendly community.

Transport in Lincoln

If you travel roughly 30 mins to Newark, you are able to get direct trains to London. Roughly 16 miles to the west of Lincoln, you will find the A1 which will connect you to Leeds if you travel North and if you travel South on the A1 you will reach London. When you are in Lincoln they have inner city busses that will help you get around the city.

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