Student Life in Guildford

Guildford Overview

Guildford is a town in the borough of Guildford and in the county of Surrey which has some very rich history. In AD 978 Guildford was home to the English Royal Mint which is a Government owned scheme where they create coins for the United Kingdom. Guildford was such a prosperous town due to its waterways which in the early stages of the town’s life brought in loads of trade on its way into central London. The Guildhall of Guildford is on the high street and was where the mayor and corporation of this town met in order to regulate commerce of the whole borough. Recent development of the town of Woking just to the north of the town has now made Guildford the southwestern tip of the Greater London Built up area. Guildford castle was built around 1066 by William the Conqueror after the invasion, he built castles in all of the important cities at the time. Visit the castle today and have a 360-degree view of Guildford and see the kings keep for as little as £3. For those of you who enjoy great historic architecture then head over to Abbots Hospital which was built in 1619 by George Abbot who was the Arch Bishop of Canterbury built this hospital so that poor people could have a roof over there head and it is still being used today.

Things to do in Guildford

For those of you who are thrill seekers then head down to Airhop. Airhop is a warehouse that has been turned into a trampoline park, with trampolines lining the walls and covering the floor you are bound to have a great time. It is also a great way to exercise without knowing you are, for as little as £12 this is a great day out for you and your friends. Surrounding the cobbled high street are several independent shops and large shopping centres and stores as well which means you will struggle to find something you like at the price you can pay. If you love views and don’t like spending money, then head over to Newlands Corner just by the ridge of the North Downs. At the 173m vantage point you are able to see the slopes of the Surrey hills and take walks or cycle down the marked-out paths. Overlooking the University campus at the top of Stag Hill is the Guildford Cathedral which was started in 1936 but postponed finishing till 1961 due to the second world war. The Neo-gothic and Art Deco style makes it a thing of beauty especially when the sun is shining.

Sport in Guildford

Guildford spectrum is known as the UK’s No1leisure complex due to the range of activities you can do here. You can use the gym, ice skate, bowl, swimming and many more activities. For those of you who are a little more thill seeking then head down to the Wild Wood Adventure where you get to feel what it would be like to be a monkey as you climb through the trees defeating any obstacles in your wake. During the summer months you are able to go to the Guildford Lido where you will be able to swim, have a picnic and enjoy the sun whilst getting away from the stress of university life. You are able to visit the lido in winter, but I would advise not to go for a swim as the water can be very cold!

Escape Guildford

If you would like to discover the areas that surround Guildford, Woking is a great place to visit and in particular the Lightbox museum. The Lightbox has won several awards for its exhibitions and inside the museum there is a great interactive exhibit on the history of Woking as a town. Just a short 25-minute drive and you will arrive at Thorpe Park which is a well renowned theme park in the UK and was home to the first roller coaster to do 10-barrel rolls in a row and one of the fastest coasters in the world, Stealth. Tickets start from roughly £25 if booked online and they occasionally do student discounts.

Transport in Guildford

Guildford has located right next to the M25 which is the ring road that surrounds London linking it to the rest of the UK meaning you can get any where in the UK easily from Guildford. Guildford isn’t the biggest of towns, making it very easy to travel around the city with several bus links. Trains to London and other parts of the UK depart very frequently from the train stations. There are several international airports that are very close to Guildford making it a very accessible town.

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