Student Life in Eastbourne

Eastbourne Overview

Eastbourne is a seaside town located in the south of England, although Eastbourne is a relatively new town there is evidence of human occupation during the Stone Age. Eastbourne is famed for its Victorian style hotels, pier and wide range of museums, most of the seafront was developed by the Duke of Devonshire. The town has a broad economic base, growing population and is home to a plethora of industries which are making it a very idealistic place to live and study; the universities work very closely with businesses in the local area. Eastbourne’s average age of residents has slowly decreased overtime and this is due to the growing student population as well as, families and those who commute to both Brighton and London.

Things to do in Eastbourne

When you are living in Eastbourne one thing you have to do is visit Beachy Head, this is the highest chalk sea cliff in the whole of the United Kingdom, from the cliffs you will be able to sea France as long as it is not a foggy or cloudy day. Eastbourne Pier was built in 1870 and is the perfect example of the Victorian architecture that floods the seafront of the town, from the pier you will see some spectacular views as well as arcades, food stalls, souvenir shops but, the most exciting thing is the Camera Obscura which will grant you a 360-degree view of the seafront. For those of you who enjoy learning about the history of the town you will be living in then head down to the Redoubt, this is a 200-year-old chain of fortifications which were designed to stop Napoleons forces. There are several artefacts from previous battles here as well as plenty of information, the attraction is free to visit. There are two main shopping centres located in the town with a market to accompany them, the market offers a lot of local produce at great prices and the shopping centres often offer student discounts so make sure you keep an eye out.

Escape Eastbourne

Eastbourne is situated very closely to Brighton which is a fantastic city with a great culture and plethora of things to do, it is very similar to Eastbourne as it is a seaside town with a pier. Brighton also has a brilliant nightlife and travel back from Brighton to Eastbourne is very easy. Roughly a 45-minute drive from Eastbourne is Dover, from Dover you are able to get a ferry to France for not a lot of money. Similarly, on the route to Dover is Newington which is where you can get on the Eurostar which also take you to France.

Transport in Eastbourne

Eastbourne is not near the national motorway network, but it can still be accessed via the A26 which will connect you to the M23 and the M25 which surrounds London granting you access to London and the rest of the motorway network. Trains run from Eastbourne along the south coast of England, you will be able to get direct trains to Brighton which from there you will be able to get a direct train to London in under an hour.

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