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Professional English in The UK

Professional English in the UK, these courses are sometimes referred to as Executive or Business English Courses and they are directed mainly at those who aim to improve their English communication skills for use in a work context.

They vary in length and intensity but they generally offer some or all of the following:

  • English language training which is tailored to the professional needs of the learners.
  • A needs analysis which is carried out by the provider institution to identify the training requirements of the professional participant.
  • Specific learning goals are set.
  • Training is intensive and groups are small , typically 3-5 participants.
  • There is often a one to one element to the courses and sometimes it is entirely individual.
  • Specialist language training is provided e.g. legal or marketing vocabulary.
  • Opportunities to meet professionals in the chosen field and to visit relevant places of professional interest.
  • In addition to the training aspect of the course great care is given to the kind of accommodation offered – usually good quality hotel or specially selected host families with en-suite facilities.Professional English