Language Schools in UK

Our Partner Language Schools in The UK

The UK has numerous Language schools located in almost all of its major cities. These schools usually offer both general and specialized courses which are aimed to teach different languages including English at different levels to students who attend them each year. These courses are designed to help students from every skill level and also cater to their more specialized needs if needed. These include and are not limited to one-to-one courses, family courses, and even business English or academic English courses. Consequently, UKStudy offers enrollment services to all language schools in the UK and also helps students pick courses that best suited to the needs. We also provide certified English tests for students under 17 at our office, which can be used as proof of English proficiency for admission into schools of the UK.

Finally, in response to the needs of Language School applicants and students studying in the UK, UKStudy has developed an index of all UK language schools accredited by the “British Council”. Below, you will find a small description about every language school in the UK tagged to a link leading to the designated page of each school for further information.

Language Schools in UK

Are you looking to take an English course to improve your speaking skills? Where you can learn English in the classroom and practice in real-life situations? Where you can explore a vibrant city and make the most of your investment? To learn to use English confidently in your work, studies and life you need an English school that focuses on your individual goals and provides high-quality teaching in a helpful environment. As the most commonly spoken language in the world and the official language in over 50 countries, speaking English is an essential tool to communicate and work with people around the globe. In the modern technological world, knowing English opens up job and employment opportunities in many countries and markets. The UK is the birthplace and home of the English language. As such, it is the best destination to learn English and immerse yourself in British culture. So, if you are looking to study in an English language course in the UK, UKStudy has some of the best and most renowned courses on offer for international students.

A-Z List of UK Language Schools

Berlitz IELS Interactive English Language School Oxford House College
Bloomsbury ILS English Nottingham Oxford International English Schools
British Study Centres International House Regent English Language School
Castle School of English Kings Colleges Rose of York
Delfin English School Language Studies International Speak Up London
EC English Language Centre LTC Language Solutions Sprachcaffee
Edgwere Academy Malvern House St Giles International
ELC English Language Centre Navitas English Stafford House International
Embassy English New College Manchester The Burlington School
Eurocentres Olivet Language School The English Studio Language School
University of Liverpool English Language Centre