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Kings Oxford Overview

Kings Oxford, one of the four study locations of Kings International Education Group in the UK, is located in the city of Oxford. Oxford is known for its historical university that consistently ranks as the first or the second-best university in the UK. This college is 20 minutes away from the city center by bus.

Since 1986, Kings Oxford has been welcoming students from all over the world to educate in an inspiring learning environment. To achieve outstanding results, Oxford`s staff have always tried to provide educational facilities at the highest level of quality. International students are taught most of the academic programs at St, Josephs, a newly refurbished campus with a large cafeteria.

Other facilities that students could benefit from to boost their knowledge and facilitate their final exam preparation include: two computer learning centers, science labs, and a modern library. Here, you will obtain an insight into courses which are available at Kings Oxford as well as tuition fees and accommodation types available for international students. Our educational advisors at are another option for this purpose.


Courses at Kings Oxford for International Students

At Kings Oxford, international students can choose from courses specifically designed for them. During the first and the second weeks of the students` arrival, they take the Cognitive Ability Test (CAT 4) from Kings Education Group to let the teaching staff access the students` abilities, potential, and preferences. Afterwards, the students will receive different types of learning material such as Verbal, Non-verbal, Quantitative, and Spatial Reasoning tasks. Below is a list of pathways you can study at Kings Oxford:

– 3 term GCSE

– A-levels

– Advanced Level Foundation

– Art and Design Foundation

· 3 -term GCSE


Oversea students can study an accelerated one-year GCSE at Kings Oxford. They follow a mixed module composed of Sciences, Mathematics, and Humanities. To sit in 3 term GCSE program in September, 15 years old International students have to pass the Junior Entrance Test which is equivalent to a minimum IELTS 5.0 and have completed 9 years of education.

This program will prepare the students for GCSEs’ official exams in a range of subjects including Art, Business, English, Geography, History, Information Technology, Mathematics, PSHE, Science, and Physical Education. The study plan of One-year GCSE is the same as two-year GCSE in terms of subjects and lesson time but with different distributions of lessons.

Students have the option to take 3 terms GCSE with the same entry criteria at Kings Bournemouth, London and Brighton also.


International students can choose from 3 different A-Level study plans at Kings Oxford according to their age and school years. Educational staff at Kings Colleges are very cautious and experienced and will help all international prospective students to have the best choice from the study plans. Two-year A-Level program (Standard)

  • Two –year A-Level Program (standard)
  • Extended A-Level
  • Year 12 Transfer
  • Two –year A-Level Program (standard)

This two-year study plan which is called Standard A-Level is highly recommended by the educational Advisors to those international students who seek a medical degree in Oxford or Cambridge universities as well as the medical schools in the UK. Students aged 16 will sit 20-25 hours on average per week in well-equipped classes with their classmates (at most 10) to absorb the learning subjects taught by the subject specialist teachers. Having a minimum English Language Certificate equal to IELTS 5.5 (5.0 in Reading and Writing) and 10 years of academic education are set as entry requirements for this 6-term program.

It is also possible for international students to study the following subject-related A-Level for 2 academic years (3term) at Kings Oxford, London, Brighton, and Bournemouth.

  • A-Level Art and Design
  • A-Level Biology
  • A-Level Business Study
  • A-Level History
  • A-Level Mathematics
  • A-Level Mathematics (Further)
  • A-Level Physics
  • A-Level Government and Politics
  • A-Level Geography
  • A-Level Economics
  • A-Level Chemistry
  • Extended A-Level

International students with IELTS 4.0 or equivalents and 10 years of schooling have an opportunity to study the Extended A-Level program at Kings Oxford. The minimum age of the students at the beginning of this course should be 16 but they could be on their 15th if they choose Kings Bournemouth and Brighton.

Year 12 Transfer

If you have studied your first year of A-Level (As) somewhere else but are interested in being among the Standard A-Level students at Kings Oxford then you could contact our advisors to arrange your transformation to the second year of A-level (A2) at this college.

Advance Level Foundation at Kings Oxford

Advanced Level Foundation is a 3 terms pathway that prepares 16.5 years old international students for a degree level at UK top-ranked universities such as the University of St Andrews (ranked 3), Durham University (7), and London School of Economics and Political Science (9).

If you have completed 11 or 12 years of schooling and have an IELTS certificate with a minimum overall score 5.5(5.0 in Reading and Writing) or equivalent, would be qualified for direct entry onto this study plan at King Oxford.

Also, international students who are sure about their degree level subjects at UK universities can study the following Degree Pathways.

Architecture Pathway/Business, Finance and Management Pathway/Engineering Pathway/Humanities and Social Sciences Pathway/Life Sciences and Pharmacy Pathway/Mathematics, Technology, and Science Pathway.

However, if you have ILETS 4.0 or equivalent, Extended Advanced Level Foundation would be an excellent study option for you. You can contact our advisors for more information.

Art and Design Foundation at Kings Oxford

This 3 term foundation course is for the UK and international students who want to apply for universities in England and study the art-related subjects. The entry requirements for the Art and Design foundation are as follow:

  • Academic: Completed 11-12 years of schooling
  • English: IELTS 5.0 or equivalent
  • Minimum age:16.5
  • Portfolio

If you are 16 years old and your IELTS overall score is 4.0 then you can work on your English and portfolio development in 3 terms Art and Design preparation program. For 16 year old international students with IELTS 4.5 one or two terms Preparation course is available at Kings London, Oxford, and Brighton.


Tuition Fees at Kings Oxford

Below, please find the course fees at Kings Oxford. These approximate fees are applicable for the 2020-2021 academic year and are subject to change. Our advisors can provide you a more precise amount upon your request.

One-year GSCEcontact to our advisors
Two-year A- level (per year)£27.000
Extended A-level (Price per term in addition to full course price)£5.000
Advance Level Foundation£22.000
Art and Design Foundation£22.000
Art and Design Preparation (per term)7.000


Accommodation at Kings Oxford

International students can choose from the following comfortable and quality living accommodation at this institution. Please ask our advisors to send you PDF Factsheets file regarding different types of accommodation at this campus.

  • Wavy Gate residence (16+)
  • Wyville Court Student Houses(18)
  • Crescent Hall Residence(16+)
  • Jean Marguerite Court Apartments(18)
  • Stanley Road Student House(18)
  • Wharton Road Student House(18)
  • Homestay

We will remind you to check the availability of the accommodation before confirming your booking.

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