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Kings Brighton Overview

Kings International Education Group established its Brighton school on Ditching Road, in 2017. Brighton is the city of education and literacy with many beautiful areas like The Level to relax and enjoy copious activities. Studying at Kings Brighton means you will be a member of a modern educational center with superior facilities. Every year many students from UK local schools and international students take part in diverse pre-university courses (GCSEs-A Levels) at this city campus. Kings Brighton`s subject specialist teachers and modern facilities such as Computer Learning Center are ready to embrace the students from all over the globe and help them to learn what they need for their life. If you want to know what schooling is like at Kings Brighton, this page is dedicated to you. 


Courses for international students at Kings Brighton 

Students from the age of 15 will benefit from the following courses at Kings Brighton in very small classes, at most 10, to study Pre-university programs and prepare themselves for the UK top universities. 

  • GCSEs 
  • A-levels 
  • Advanced Level Foundation 
  • Art & Design Foundation 
  • Science and Engineering Foundation 
  • International Business Foundation 
  • Medicine Pathways at Kings 
  • Oxbridge Preparation 


Please note that some courses are common in four Kings Education group centers and you might need to get specific information related to such courses by following the links. 


GCSE at Kings Brighton 

Students from the age of 15 can participate in the One Year GCSE program to gain a UK national qualification and develop their English Language skills to the level required for the next two education pathway programs (A Levels and Foundations) at Kings Brighton. To study Accelerated one-year GCSE , international students must have completed 9 years of schooling and their English language proficiency should be equal to IELTS 5.0. You can study this program in other Kings Education campuses in September based on two main academic subjects and enrichment subjects as follow: 

Main academic subjects

Mathematics, English, Study skills, Science, Information Communication Technology, Geography or Humanities 

Enrichment subjects

PSHE and Citizenship, Physical Education, Creative Arts 

 ALevels at Kings Brighton 

If you want to be among the many numbers of international students who gain a place at the top 20 UK universities in competitive subjects such as medicine you can choose from four study plans at Kings Brighton. At the end of your study plan, you will achieve the high grades (A*-A) required by the universities such as Cambridge and Oxford if you stick to the study curriculums and make the most of the beneficial teachers at this college. 

 Standard two-year A-level:

Usually, the Standard two-year A-Level is taken by UK students. However, international students who have studied GCSE in the UK or completed 10 years of schooling in their home country can join this study plan at Kings Brighton as well as Kings London, Kings Bournemouth, Kings Oxford. The minimum age for this course is 16 years of age. In September and January, pupils with IELTS 5.5 (5.0 in reading and writing) or equivalents sit in classes with their 4 to 10 fellow students for 20-25 hours per week to raise their English to university level and gain a UK national university entrance qualification. 

One-year A-level

Each year in September academically exceptional international students can benefit from this accelerated and intensive A-Level at Kings Brighton and Kings London. You, in this one academic course, will study a range of subjects including Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Economics, Physics, and Chemistry. Completed 11 years of school and IELTS 6.5 (5.0 in Reading and Writing) or equivalents as   One-Year A-Level entry requirements are fundamental for 17 international students. Also, it would be possible to study this course at the age of 16 but you need to contact our experienced advisors at for more information. 

Extended A-level

For 15-16 international students with lower language levels, Extended A-Level could be a good option at Kings Brighton and Kings Bournemouth. This study plan combines 1-4 terms of intensive English language classes with the 6 terms of the A-Level program. Having IELTS 4.0 or equivalent and 10 years of schooling are defined as entry requirements for the Extended A-level program. You might wish to study this program at Kings London or Kings Oxford, but you need to be at the age of 16 from the outset of the program. 

Year 12 Transfer

The international students who have studied 12 years (Year 1 of A-Levels) in other international colleges like Bellerbys can join to the second year (A2) of a two-year A-Level Program at Kings Educational Group. For more information about Year 12 Transfer, contact our advisors at 


Advance Level Foundation at Kings Brighton

Advanced Level foundation is a one year program at all four Kings Study locations in the UK. This course which is based on A-Level Syllabus is definitely suitable for international students rather than UK students. Thus, Advance Level Foundation contents are tailored for the students’ needs who have not studied based on the National Curriculum in England. We have written in detail about this program on the Kings Bournemouth page of this website. 

Art and Design Foundation

International and UK students who have artistic ability and want to study art-related courses in UK top universities can join Art and Design Foundation with the minimum age of 16.5 and IELTS 5.0 at Kings Brighton, Kings Oxford, and Kings London. Nevertheless to say that the students will need to present a portfolio to the required standard and have completed 11-12 years of schooling to be qualified for this program starts in September and January. Also, international students with IELTS below 5.0 can study Art and Design Preparation program to develop their English skills and work on their portfolios. You can get more information about this program from our advisors at your convenience. 


Science and Engineering Foundation

This program is for 16.5 years old international students who want to study a Science and Engineering related degree in a UK university. You could find more information about this program at Kings Bournemouth page on this website. 


International Business foundation

 Students at the age of 16.5 who want to have practical and real-life experience in business could enroll in the International Business Foundation program at Kings Brighton, London, Oxford, and Bournemouth. If you are interested to know more about this program, please refer to Kings Bournemouth page on this website or contact our advisors at 

Medicine Pathway Program

All international students seeking for grantee courses which lead them to medical schools in the UK can join in one of the Medicine Pathway Programs at Kings Brighton as well as 3 other Kings centers in the UK. You can choose to study A-Level, Aston Medical School Pathway, Medical Summer Program, UCLan Medical School Pathway, and Keele Medical school Pathway based on your specific circumstance. 

Oxbridge Preparation

If you think that you deserve to study at two of the world’s very best universities, Oxford and Cambridge, but need to improve your academic skills to pass the entry criteria of these two universities smoothly, our advisors at would recommend to you the Oxbridge Preparation Program at Kings Brighton. 


Tuition fees at Kings Brighton 

Below, please find the course fees at Kings Brighton. These approximate fees are applicable for the 2020-2021 academic year and are subject to change. Our advisors can provide you a more precise amount upon your request. 


One – year GCSE      Contact our advisors  
Two-year A-Level £ 27.000(per year) 
One Year A-Level£ 29.000 
Advance Level Foundation£ 22.000 
Art and Design Foundation£22.000 
Art and Design Preparation£7.000 (per term) 
International Business Foundation (Full course price)
3 terms       £18.000 
2 terms       £ 12.000 
Science & Engineering Foundation (Full course price)       £22.000 


Accommodation at Kings Brighton 

International students can choose from the following comfortable and quality living accommodationat Kings Brighton. Please ask our advisors to send you PDF Factsheets file regarding different types of accommodation at this campus. 

  • On-site residence (15+)
  • Britannia Student Residence (18+)
  • York Grove Student House (18+)
  • Springfield Road Student House (18+)
  • Homestay

We will remind you to check the availability of the accommodation before confirming your booking.

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