Study at Kings Bournemouth in the UK

Kings Bournemouth overview

Kings Bournemouth is an independent school located on Bradley Road in Bournemouth. This long-established college by Mr. Fredrick King is just 5 minutes’ walk away from both the city centre and Bournemouth’s golden beaches. This city has a lot of leisure activities on offer for international students. You can try water sports or enjoy a night out on the beach.

Every year, many girls and boys from around the world join this college to get the most from tuition offered in a contemporary supporting learning environment by the specialist teachers at this prestigious college. Experienced teachers who are top UK university alumni work in partnership with students to help them get prepared for their further studies in the UK and potential careers.

There are a lot of learning facilities such as an art studio, a library, and a science lab for the students to learn the course subject both practically and theoretically. International students seeking a medical-related course can benefit from specialist preparation for demanding entrance criteria including UCAT, BMAT test, and Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs).


Kings Bournemouth Courses

As an international student, you can choose from the following study options at Kings Bournemouth. We will be delighted to help you to join a cozy and friendly community at this international college. You will see that there is a great selection of programmes and for sure there is an option that fits you if you chose Kings Bournemouth as your education destination in the UK.

  • GCSEs
  • A-levels
  • Advanced Level Foundation
  • Science and Engineering Foundation
  • Medicine Pathways at Kings
  • International Business Foundation
  • University of Bristol Pathway
  • Aston University Joint Offer Programme
  • GCSE at Kings Bournemouth

Kings Bournemouth is offering its GCSEs programmes for all international students from the age of 14. You can choose between two study plans of GCSEs based on your age at this college.

  • Accelerated one-year programme
  • Standard two-year programme


Accelerated one-year programme

This programme is offered in all Kings Study centres in the UK every year in September. To study Accelerated one-year GCSE at Kings Bournemouth the international students should be at the age of 15. This programme lasts for 3 terms (one academic year) and international students need to have completed 9 years of school study in their home country and IELTS 5.0.

Pupils will sit in classes with a range of 4-10 students for 40-42 lessons per week to study the main academic subjects including Mathematics, English, Science, Information Communication Technology, Geography or Humanities, and Study Skills. International students will also benefit from enrichment programmes such as PSHE and Citizenship, Physical Education, and creative Arts to gain the essential skills for the GCSE exam.

Standard two- year GCSE

The class sizes range, main and enrichments programme subjects are the same as Accelerated one-year GCSE for the students who want to study Standard two-year GCSE at Kings Bournemouth.

Every year in September, January and April, International students at the age of 14 and IELTS 4.0 can start this programme at this college. Also, the student should have studied 8 years in their home country.

A-Level at Kings Bournemouth

A-Levels at this college are for students who want to make progress to the UK top universities such as Oxford and Cambridge. The students have the privilege of studying one of the 2 A-Level programmes based on their educational background and future university subject or destination.

Standard two-year A-level

This programme is usually taken by UK students but it is possible for international students aged 16 to participate with 4 to 10 other students at these 2 academic years(6terms) programme at Kings Bournemouth. To get the green light for standard two-year A-Level, international students should have completed 10 years of schooling in their home country and an English language certificate equal to IELTS 5.5(5.0 in Reading and Writing).

In September and January you can join Kings Bournemouth to study

Extended A-Level

International students with lower English levels are given a chance at this Kings campus to prepare for university courses that only A-level graduated student could apply. The Extended A-Level programme starts in September, January and June every year and takes up to 3 academic years (7-10 Terms) to be completed at Kings Bournemouth. IELTS 4.0 or equivalent and 10 years of schooling are essential for 15 year old international students to be qualified for this study option.

Year 12 Transfer

Year 12 transfer means that international students who have completed year 12 (year one of A-Level) elsewhere, can enter the second year of a two year A-Level programme for 3 terms at Kings Bournemouth. There are some specific subjects that you can transfer to them. If you are interested in this study option you can contact our advisor at for more information.

Advance Level Foundation

This one- year Pre-university programme at King Bournemouth is based on A-Level Syllabus and taught by A-Level teachers. International students with a minimum age of 16.5 can join this demanding course in September and January if their English Language certificates are equal to IELTS 5.5(5.0 in Reading and Writing) and complete 11-12 years of schooling in their home country. It is also possible to study Advance Level foundation for the Degree Pathways including:

  • Business, Finance and Management Pathway
  • Engineering Pathway
  • Humanities and Social Sciences Pathway
  • Life Sciences and Pharmacy Pathway
  • Mathematics, Technology and Science Pathway


You, as a 16- year- old international student might find Advance Level Foundation suitable for yourself but don’t have the minimum IELTS requirement. In such a case, you can join the Extended Programme of this study option for 4-7 terms at Kings Bournemouth.

For more information about Advance Level Foundation key facts, please contact us to receive a comprehensive advisory service.

Science and Engineering Foundation

This 3-term foundation course is designed for international students aged 16.5 who desire to study science and engineering related courses in the UK top-ranked universities. If you have completed 12 years of school in your home country and have a proven English Language certificate such as ILETS 5.5, then you are qualified to study Science and Engineering Foundation in September and January at this campus. Also, you can study this course with IELTS 4.0 but need to share your academic and language qualifications with our advisors for further consideration.

International Business Foundation

Believe it or not, you can study a foundation course in the UK with IELTS 3.5. International students with minimum age of 16.5 and 11-12 years of academic study can pave their way to university life in business or management related degrees by studying International Business Foundation at Kings Bournemouth.

Below you can see how this programme suits you:

IELTS 5.0(5.0 in Writing and Reading)/January start/3 terms=International Business Foundation

IELTS 4.5(5.0 in Writing and Reading)/September start/3 terms=International Business Foundation

IELTS 4.0/September, January Starts/4terms/16aged=Extended IBF

IELTS 3.5/April, June Starts/5 terms/16aged=Extended IBF

Medicine Pathways Program

Medicine Pathways Programme will prepare international students to study Medical courses in Aston Medical School, Keele Medical School, and UCLan Medical School through this one-year academic program. International students aged 16 who have studied 11-12 years in their home country with IELTS 6.5 can join the Medicine Pathway Programme ever year in September. It is highly recommended to take a 2 weeks Medical Summer programme ahead from starting Medicine Pathways Programme at Kings. No need to say that the students should receive the standard academic and English requirements defined by each of these medical schools to get their offer letter.

Please contact us to learn more about this course and also the entry requirements of Aston, Keele, and UCLan medical schools.

University of Bristol Pathway

If you wish to get a conditional offer letter from the University of Bristol after the end of your studies at Kings Bournemouth, this pathway is what our advisors at recommend. International students aged 16.5 will prepare to study different degree courses such as Engineering, Law, Life & Health Science at the University of Bristol through two pathways programmes (Two-Year A-Level and One Year Advance Level Foundation) at Kings Education Colleges. Beware that you will need additional information to study this course at Kings Bournemouth College which you can receive by contacting them.

Aston University Joined offer Program

By regular visits to Aston University, international students can get acquainted to everything before enrolling at the university. Students can expect their conditional offer from Aston University once they successfully complete the Two Year A-Level or One Year Advance Level Foundation at Kings Bournemouth to the required standards. Aston entry criteria for degree subjects such as Pharmacy, Business, and Optometry through two pathways are as follow:

o 2-year pathway: A-levels at Kings

A-level: minimum ABB

IELTS 6.5 (minimum 6.0 in each category) or equivalent result in the Kings Exit Test

o 1-year pathway: Advanced Level Foundation at Kings

Biology / Optometry: 70%

Business School / Maths: 65%

Engineering and Applied Sciences / Pharmacy / Psychology: 60%

IELTS 6.5 (minimum 6.0 in each category) or equivalent result in the Kings Exit Test


Kings Bournemouth Tuition Fees

Below, please find the course fees at Kings Bournemouth. These approximate fees are applicable for the 2020-2021 academic year and are subject to change. Our advisors can provide you a more precise amount upon your request.

A-level1 (Two year course)27,000 (per year)
Advanced Level Foundation22,000
Extended Foundation27,000
Extended A-level31,000
GCSE Standard version (2-year course)26,000 (per year)
GCSE Accelerated version (1-year course)27,000
International Business Foundation (Full course price)3 terms 18,000 & 2 terms 12,000
Science & Engineering Foundation22,000
Extended Business/Law/Science & Engineering FoundationsPrice per term in addition to full course price 6,000


Kings Bournemouth Accommodation

International students can choose from the following comfortable and quality living accommodation at Kings Bournemouth. Please ask our advisors to send you PDF Factsheets file regarding different types of accommodation at this campus.

  • Homestay
  • Kings Char minster Residence
  • Kings Town Centre Residence
  • St Peters Residence

We will remind you to check the availability of the accommodation before confirming your booking.

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