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International Colleges in UK

In the United Kingdom’s education system, “college" can refer to a secondary or high school, a college of further education, a training institution that awards trade qualifications, a higher education provider that does not have university status (often without its own degree-awarding powers), or a constituent part of a university. Traditionally, most major universities in the United Kingdom include one or more colleges which serve as constituent bodies of the original university, while usually focusing on a special university major. Additionally, in the case of the University of London, these colleges have expanded so much, that they are granted degree-awarding powers of their own by the parent university. Students in the UK can study in two kinds of colleges, “Further Education Colleges” and “Higher Education Colleges”. FE colleges serve as preparation platforms for future university students coming from secondary/high schools and include UK’s “A-level” courses. Consequently, HE colleges provide students with higher forms of education and operate in a similar style to “normal” colleges in other western countries like the US. These colleges offer courses at Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. levels.


Albemarle Independent College


Bellerbys College


Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts

Camberwell College of Art

Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design

Chelsea College of Art

Cambridge Tutors College

CATS College


Oxford Sixth Form College

Oxford International College


Kings Education College
UKStudy has close contact with many of the UK’s top international colleges. As such, we can offer admission services to students who wish to study at these colleges. Our team of veteran consultants will provide you with the latest information on course dates prices and conditions and guide you towards your desired educational future as an international student in the UK. In response to the needs of international applicants and college students studying in the UK, UKStudy has developed an index of all UK International colleges accredited by the British counsel. Below, you will find a small description of every international college in the UK tagged to a link leading to the designated page of each college for further information.