Everything About A Levels in the UK

Everything About A-Levels in the UK

A level in the UK can refer to the General Certificate of Education Advanced Level certificate (GCE A level). A level is a college or sixth form leaving qualification which is not compulsory, unlike GCSEs. Pre-university students can study A level in the UK at ages 16–18 in Sixth Form. It is the last two years of secondary education in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. A-Levels are offered by selected schools as an alternative school-leaving qualification. Some secondary schools have their own Sixth Form, which accepts students from lower year groups, but often accepts external applications.


What to Do to Apply for an A level scholarship in UK?

There are many colleges and schools in UK. They offer a formal scholarship scheme for outstanding students, with limited means. Each of these institutions has its own range of scholarships and tuition fees. This reflects an aim to open the doors to offer more students the opportunity to Study A-Level in UK. Although a scholarship may cover a portion of your tuition fees, you’ll need to pay for living, insurance, and visa. Are you wondering what documents you need to apply for a scholarship for A level courses? Here is the answer.

The scholarship application process is not so complicated and you just need to:

  1. Complete and return the special scholarship application form
  2. Provide a copy of your passport to verify your identity
  3. Submit a copy of your school results for the last recent academic year
  4. Send a copy of your predicted grades for IGCSE/GCSE
  5. A declaration of any GCSEs or other examination previously taken

There may be some other documents your course provider may ask for. So, please check with them or our advisers before you make a decision.


A Level Can be the Best Option for International Students

A level in UK for international students offers an excellent route to study at high ranking UK universities. It can also help you achieve your career aspirations. International students usually study three or four A-Level subjects over two years. A-Levels are accepted by every university in the UK and recognized worldwide.

Some colleges like CATS College offer a program that is specifically designed for motivated international students with additional English language support to help them show talent in their studies. Students can also study their A-Levels in one year on a Fast-track program if they want to progress to university sooner.

Although studying A-Levels in UK for international students might seem a little challenging at first sight, it brings you the opportunity to boost your job prospects, to develop your English skills, to apply for UK universities easier, and make friends from other cultures for life. Therefore, it is worth studying A-Level in the UK.


How Is Your A Level Graded in the UK?

A-level UK grading system generally awards six pass grades from the highest A* to the failing grade E. The Uniform Marking Scheme (UMS) is in charge of the A-Level UK grading system to ensure a fair distribution of marks so that students of one year are not punished because their exam papers are trickier than those of previous years. The majority of A-level courses are now each made up of two units- although some subjects still have three.


A Level Colleges Are the Best Options to Study A Levels

Similar to a large number of universities, the UK is also well-known for having many well-equipped and advanced colleges. International students may find it difficult to track and filter these colleges. UKStudy has close contact with many of the UK’s top international colleges, so we suggest you get free advice according to your conditions. You can find a broad list of A-Level colleges in UK in International colleges in UK such as Kings Education Colleges and Bellerbys Colleges.


Know Your A Level Subjects

A Level is a focused program of study with a minimum of three subjects studied, usually over two years, with examinations in the second year. Although many students normally study three subjects at A-Level and four subjects at AS Level, some students choose to take on more than three subjects, especially those who are more academic and are trying for entrance to the top universities.

A-Level subjects include Art, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, English Language & Literature, French, Geography, German, History, Latin, Spanish, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics, Politics, Psychology, and Sociology. Please note that there are no A-Level compulsory subjects in the UK and students are free to specify and study a range of subjects. Giving students the power to choose between subjects helps to motivate them throughout their studies.


Different A Level Durations

Subjects are usually offered over three different course durations with no restrictions on subject combination or course length and you can decide according to your prior knowledge and qualifications.

Here are the most common A-Level courses offered at international colleges in the UK:

  • Two-year A level courses
  • 18-month A level courses
  • One-year A level courses
  • One-term or Two-term A level courses

The opportunity to study the full A-Level program in just one year, or three terms is a popular A Level course particularly among international students which is offered at colleges in UK such as Bellerbys College, Cambridge Tutors College, CATS College, Kings Education, and David Game College.


A Level Fees in the UK

A-Level courses are provided for free to students aged 16 to 18 at public schools in the UK. On the other hand, students aged over this age limit, and international students have to pay certain fees for attending their A-Level courses. The cost of getting A-Levels as an adult really depends on the school or FE college (Further Education college) of your choice, your course and mode of study, but it normally about £7000 each term for international students in UK. Therefore, A-Level fees for three standard terms in a year is about £21,000. Please call our advisors to get the exact price and free advice according to your personal circumstances.