Education courses

Education courses in the UK and teaching career courses provide many options for would-be teachers and those with a more general interest in the foundations of learning. Students intending to follow a teaching career are able to opt for degrees focusing on their preferred phase of education (for example, early years, later primary or secondary), and also to combine studies in the principles and theoretical grounding of learning with deepening their knowledge of the specific subject or subjects they wish to teach.

Primary and early years courses tend to combine the study of education with modules focusing on content in particular national curriculum subjects, with students also given the chance to specialise in particular subject areas. Those centring on secondary education tend to prepare students to teach a particular subject, often through the vehicle of a combined education/subject degree.

What you can expect of this course is the chance to get a theoretically and, in many cases, practically-grounded understanding of how people learn and often also a sense of the political, social and cultural backdrop to education. For would-be teachers, this is combined with essential classroom experience.


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