Intensive Courses

Intensive courses in the UK are specially designed for motivated students requiring rapid progress. Whether the student has an exam that’s coming up soon or they are only in the UK for short time, these courses are designed to suit them. Like general English courses, intensive courses in the UK cover all four major areas of the English language: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Students practice conversational skills and other speaking skills using practical, real life English. They learn to write with accuracy and develop strategic listening skills while improving their use of grammar.

There are a variety of intensive English language courses in the UK available using the latest EFL teaching techniques covering different levels of proficiency from basic to advanced. Students can choose from more specialist intensive courses such as business, communication skills, advanced communication, grammar, writing and examination preparation depending on their individual needs With at least 20 hours of class per week Intensive English courses enable the student to develop his/her English quickly and move up to higher levels of English proficiency in only 5 to 6 weeks. If the student is even more serious about learning English quickly, they can also go for extra intensive English courses or consider private tuition.

Intensive courses in the UK benefit from having only a small number of students per class, usually no more than 12, ensuring the quick development of the student’s language skills.

Instensive Courses
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