Family Courses

Family courses in the UK a popular option for families with young children, family courses combine a great family holiday in England with learning English. The family can enjoy staying with an English host and breakfast and an evening meal are usually provided. Family courses offer English lessons for juniors aged between 8-15 and optional English language lessons for parents. You either have the choice of having private tuition for 20 lesson units a week with a teacher visiting you in the morning or afternoon or attending classes, where there are usually no more than 15 students per class. Family courses are offered from elementary level to advanced.

Family courses put the emphasis on spoken English and communication activities, new vocabulary, colloquial English, idioms and grammar. Fun and imaginative group activities encourage real communication and ensure rapid progress.

Parents must be available and responsible for their children at all times. Hosts are generally not able to look after the children.

With family courses, the family is free outside class times to enjoy the UK’s many attractions. Participants can also join the events organized by their school, which include day excursions.

Family Courses
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