Work Experience Courses in UK

Work Experience Courses in UK

Work experience courses in UK are a great way to improve your English by working for an English speaking company. You can combine your language course to include a work placement; which will enable you to practice English in a real-life setting as well as allowing you to gain real work experience. Some of the benefits you can get from a work experience course are, picking up industry-specific vocabulary, making contacts in the working world as well as using your English language knowledge in a genuine business setting. If you use English at work or want to work for an international company this is the perfect way to advance your knowledge of English. It will also look great on your CV.

The work placements are carefully chosen to fit your needs and experience. As such, You will receive advice before completing your course booking in order to find you the perfect placement.

While most work placements are unpaid, some companies do pay for lunch and travel costs.

Work placements are available in areas such as sales and marketing, administration, tourism, engineering, computing and IT, journalism, architecture, fashion, etc. The work you do for the company will be based on your level of education and qualifications, your other experience as well as your level of English. Placements are usually in medium-sized companies and you will have your own responsibilities; in special cases maybe even your own projects as well as doing basic office administration work.

Non-European students should keep in mind that they need to obtain a student visa prior to coming to the UK. Because students with visitors’ visas are unable to undertake English courses with work placement programs.

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