Teachers Training Courses in UK

Teachers Training Courses in the UK

Teachers training courses in the UK are for Teaching English as a second or foreign language and can offer many rewards. It is about meeting people and discovering cultures while teaching the English language. Teacher training courses are specially designed for teachers of English covering all aspects of English language teaching. If you are teaching English as a foreign language and/or need training in how to teach English, the teacher training courses are worth considering. Teacher training courses will develop and expand an ESL teacher’s existing knowledge or teaching methods. Teachers who also want to gain internationally recognized qualifications could prepare for the following: TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) CELTA (Certificate in English language teaching to adults and DELTA (Diploma in English language teaching to adults).

Types of Teachers Training Courses in UK

What is TEFL?

The TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate is considered an excellent initial training certificate for those with little or no teaching experience. Those who successfully complete a TEFL certificate course have the qualification enabling them to teach English anywhere in the world.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to have a degree to participate in TEFL courses. However, many international schools will only hire non-degree holders who have completed at least a 100+ hour TEFL certificate training course. Also, if you’re already teaching, you do need a TEFL certificate under your belt too. Simply having a degree in education or extensive experience teaching other subjects is not enough to teach EFL. You still need to learn a specific methodology and approach.

TEFL diploma is for those who have at least two years of experience and it is as an advanced level English language teaching qualification. This enables teachers to take on more senior posts in language teaching organizations.

What is CELTA?

The Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA), is a common requirement for those entering the field of English language teaching. Since it is CELTA is an international qualification, it is a very popular credential among those who wish to teach English around the world or even those who intend to stay in the UK. Additionally, CELTA candidates are professionals either looking for a new career opportunity or looking for a short break in their existing career. Many also seek the exciting opportunities of living and working abroad.

The CELTA course has no final examination. There are two components of your assessment: Teaching Practice and Written Assignments. To gain the CELTA certificate, you must pass both assessments. In the course you will teach for a total of six hours, working with classes at two different ability levels. The Teaching Practice assessment is based on your overall performance at the end of these six hours. The written assignments focus on analyzing and responding to learner needs, analyzing language for teaching purposes, teaching language skills and reflecting on classroom teaching. Of course, your teachers will prepare you thoroughly for each assessment.

What is DELTA?

The Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults (DELTA), is usually seen as a follow-up certificate for CELTA. Once the teacher has done a few years of teaching and has decided on a more long-term commitment to teaching English, they will apply for the DELTA. The diploma is awarded upon passing a course; which includes supervised teaching practice, observation of other teachers, completion of written assignments, extended assignments, and a written examination. Also, you will study discourse analysis, student motivation, innovative teaching techniques and a wide variety of TESOL methodologies in-depth. The goal of the Delta is to provide solid, hands-on training in the English Language classroom; as well as a strong foundation in language analysis, second-language acquisition theory and identifying and analyzing student errors.

Teachers who sign up for the Delta courses are looking to gain more expertise in English Language teaching. Meanwhile, they become qualified for better teaching positions, educational management positions, teacher training and publishing positions. Quality language schools, for example, promote Delta-qualified teachers to positions with more responsibility, like Senior Teacher or Director of Studies (DoS).

These qualifications give you the knowledge of English grammar and classroom skills you need to teach effectively. The quickest option for these courses is a one-month full-time course (CELTA); which you can also do as a part-time course in 12 weeks and a one year part-time DELTA course.

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