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Academic English Courses in UK

Academic English courses in the UK are basically comprehensive yet stimulating foundation courses for overseas students. It prepares them for access to the world of higher education in the UK and to good international work opportunities. These courses are longer, usually lasting between 6 to 9 months and thoroughly cover all areas of the English language such as listening, speaking, reading and writing while also developing the students’ academic and study skills. These skills enable the student to plan and organize essays and reports, plan self-study as well as group work. Academic courses are usually combined with language examination courses such as IELTS, Cambridge ESOL or TOEFL. Academic courses give the student enough time to improve their level of English and offer a cost-effective way of studying in the UK. The weekly price of academic courses is lower than a short-term course.

Academic English courses encourage students to become independent learners so that they can take control of their own learning. Meanwhile, they will also have time to make decisions about what, when, and how to study in the UK.

These courses are also suitable for people who have conditional offers from universities and need to reach a certain level of English. Academic courses are full time with usually around 25 hours of teaching per week by qualified native speakers.

English Language Courses in the UK