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Foundation Courses in UK

Foundation courses in the UK are for students from all over the world come to the UK to begin their higher education. Foundation courses in the UK are intensive preparatory programmes designed to equip students with language and academic skills needed to succeed at a British university. Students taking university preparation course need to have previous knowledge of English and should be at least at an intermediate level with an average IELTS score of 4.5.

Foundation courses in the UK feature general and academic English training to help students acquire and develop the necessary language skills to cope with undergraduate study delivered in English. Students also undertake an IELTS examination. Foundation courses focus on teaching you listening skills for lectures, note taking, reading, writing, researching and presentation. IELTS preparation courses are part of the foundation course and will prepare you to adopt the right strategies to maximize your examination score.

Foundation Courses in the UK as preparation for university life you will also be taught a range of personal study skills to develop working on your own and introduce you to studying styles required for undergraduate study. Some foundation courses also include cultural studies providing an insight into the life and culture in the UK as well specialized subjects based on the student’s chosen course of study. Some courses also work on developing the student’s computer skills and teach the basics of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

During a foundation course you will also be given free university placement advice in order to choose a suitable university. Foundation courses are 24 weeks for the fast track option and 36 weeks for the normal foundation course.

Pre-masters courses are designed for postgraduates who need to improve their level of English and their ability to study in English before stating a postgraduate degree. These also include general and academic English studies and IELTS preparation courses.

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