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United Kingdom’s education system has many different levels. From basic education at elementary and high schools to higher education at top-tier universities all around the country. As such, There is a wide range of courses and majors available to students in the UK.
Every level offers its own set of specially tailored courses to suit the needs of its students and attendees. Furthermore, since the UK is the birthplace of the English language, there are countless language schools dedicated to English language teaching in all skill levels and also specialty courses which prepare students for language usage in universities, workplace and other situations.
Below is the list of available courses and majors in the UK which are all covered by UKStudy in full.

University Majors
in The UK

Universities in the UK offer a diverse set of courses each year for each of the majors available in the UK’s higher education system. As such, these majors include almost every field of science known to man and include the following categories.
As a result, thousands of students apply each year to study in various courses related to these majors in order to receive a UK degree.

Academic Courses
in The UK

The UK’s education system categorizes academic courses on many levels. These categories include courses for pre-university and university level education, all of which UKstudy provides placement services to for aspiring students. Below is a list of all academic courses in the UK for your convenience.

English Language Courses
in The UK

United Kingdom is the official birthplace of the English language. As such, in order to study or work in the UK, you must have sufficient proficiency in all aspects of the English language. This rule especially applies to studying in the UK’s higher education institutes and universities, where you will be asked to provide certified proof of your language proficiency by passing international exams like IELTS or TOEFL. As a result, many different language schools and colleges in the UK offer English language courses with different levels of difficulty ranging from beginner to advanced. In addition, some institutes also provide students with specialist courses designated for English usage in special situations like academia and workplaces. Consequently, UKStudy offers various English language courses at certified schools and colleges throughout the UK for students who wish to attend such programs. These courses include:

In addition, For further information regarding each of the following categories, please use the links provided below.