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Cost of Student Accommodation in UK

We offer a diverse range of student accommodation in UK, with top quality facilities through our partnership with schools. At UKstudy we believe that your place of residence while studying is of great importance. A comfortable and safe atmosphere will help you absorb UK culture, and help you be successful in your studies. Available options for student accommodation in UK include:

1) Halls of Residence
2) House - Flat Share
3) Private House - Flat
4) Host Families - Home Stay

UKstudy will make sure that all students receive the best accommodation available at the destination university of their choice. Meanwhile, if you encounter any problems during your stay we will be ready to help you with it around the clock to make feel right at home away from home.

House - Flat Share in UK

Halls of Residence in UK

The Hall’s Living Experience

Private Sector Halls of Residence in UK

UK Host Families - Home Stay

University-owned halls of residence provide students who reside in them with a numerous and wide array of benefits, which makes this option of accommodation in constantly high demand between international students. A major portion of university’s freshmen year students choose to live out their first year of studies within said halls of residence, electing to gain significantly from the student community vibe and the international social melting pot that many students have reported is on offer in this environment. With a broad selection of accommodation hall standards available, there will certainly be a viable option suiting your personal preferences. Options range from university catered to self-catered; shared bathrooms to en suites.

The Hall's Living Experience

Students, past and present, have described how the community feels and abundant social life gained from living in the halls has aided them in their adjustment to independent living as an international student. On top of that, the proximity of the halls to malls, markets, lecture halls and gyms may ease this process considerably. This, also, cut back on the strain from time and financial expenses. Having said that, this will cause of accommodation in UK more affordable to students. Also living with friends within close proximity to university services provides an ample support system in times of need. Taking up an offer of placement in the Halls of accommodation in your first year can reduce much of the concern regarding house-hunting without University support. This also brings with it a supportive and social sphere of like-minded students eager to meet you.

However, this option is in very high demand, which translates to it often only being available to freshman year students, with only around a third of the applications resulting in an accommodation offer. Since UKStudy has connections with UK universities, we are able to remedy this issue and secure your accommodation in UK. Even if you have trouble finding a spot in this method of residence, our advisers at UKStudy will assist you in seeking other available accommodation options.

Many universities offer a housing arrangement whereby the student can rent out a room from a private third-party landlord. Universities usually connect the two parties to each other. This accommodation option offers the more independent feel that many university students crave. It also has a simultaneous safety net of university-led contact between student and landlord to avoid any possible conflicts or issues. Such an arrangement is the customary choice of university students, more so amongst second-year students. Many live out their first year in the Halls before transitioning into this arrangement. Adjusting into a University-liaised house-share after a year in Halls can make for a smoother transition process for the younger students, however if you are not given the opportunity to live in Halls, or choose not to, the fact of sharing a living space with a group of other fellow university students can be just as much of a source of comfort.

Private Sector Halls of Residence in UK

In response to the huge demand for accommodation in UK from students, private halls of residence are also new options. Private sector halls tend to be based on the same principles as those of University-owned accommodations. However, they are not limited in application to students from specific universities.

Private Flats

A small portion of students choose to rent out an entire flat solely for their own private use. Students who opt to rent out a private flat may seek a more private lifestyle during their study in  UK. Despite the upsides of living alone, the main issue is the often astronomical prices associated with renting out a private flat, especially in major cities like London; such accommodation in UK often turns out to be the most expensive option for students and as such is not usually not recommended unless financial aspects are not an issue.

UK Host - Families - Home Stay

Staying with a local family is the best way to experience British culture in its purest form and to practice English in everyday life. In a homestay family, you can have your own room or share with other students of the same gender. You will have use of all essential facilities including the kitchen & bathroom (unless you request a private bathroom at an extra cost). You can choose to have breakfast only, breakfast and dinner every day, or no meals (a self-catering option, which means that you will have to buy and cook your own meals).Also, students will normally stay with the same host family for the duration of your stay. While you will be able to receive incoming calls, we advise you, to bring or buy a mobile. You will have your own keys and will be independent. However, you should inform your hosts if you are planning to eat or stay out. You don't have permission to have guests in your rooms. However, some hosts will be ready to find an arrangement if you ask them nicely in advance (not guaranteed). Keep in mind that UKstudy will guide through the entire process of choosing the accommodation you have in mind. This includes the placement and assistance necessary with any possible problems or issues that may arise; our trustworthy and professional consultants will be by your side, every step of the way.