Business and management

Working in business means that you need to have knowledge of the environment within which organisations exist. Knowledge of the economic, political and legal environments, both at National and International, are fundamental to the understanding of an organisation’s operation and strategic development.
Organisations are about people. Without an understanding of how people feel, what motivates them, how they work together and, generally, how to manage people it will be difficult to succeed in a business career.

A business studies course might include all or some of these subjects; economics, finance, law, marketing, information technology, operations management, strategic management, human resource management and organisational behaviour which includes psychology and sociology.

Managers have to organise and measure the effectiveness of their businesses. To undertake these roles there is a need for all managers to have a grasp of the fundamentals of accounting, statistics and systems and information technology.
The final element that makes up a business degree relates to your personal development; enhancing and developing your skills as a communicator, team member and leader.

The majority of business degrees will cover the elements discussed above but they will deliver these elements in different proportions and in different ways. Hence, the focus of the courses will differ. Some courses will focus on the development of your knowledge of the subjects or disciplines relevant to business, whilst others will give greater emphasis on the development of you as a manager and leader.

Business and Management

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