Boarding Schools Ranking

Boarding Schools Ranking

This article includes a list of the top 10 UK schools based on their A-level results. Academic perfection is generally considered as the most important determinant in choosing a school, so the schools contained in this table have been ranked based on the percentage of results that were either A* or A, the two highest possible results.


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When analysing the advantages that independent boarding schools in the UK provide for students, it is clear that ranking them based on their academic results alone does not deliver a comprehensive view of the actual statuses of each school. So, if your preferred school does not have the best academic results, keep in mind that there is a first time for everything and you can be that best you wish to see.

  1. Wycombe Abbey School
  2. Westminster School
  3. Brighton College
  4. Winchester college
  5. Sevenoaks School
  6. Queen Ethelburga’s college
  7. St Paul’s School
  8. Eton college
  9. The faculty of Queen Ethelburga’s
  10. Concord College


We can also list the top 10 UK schools based on their GCSE results in 2019:

  1. Westminster School (Day/Boarding)
  2. Wycombe Abbey School (Boarding)
  3. St Paul’s School (Day/Boarding)
  4. St Mary’s School – Ascot (Day/Boarding)
  5. Brighton College (Day/Boarding)
  6. Eton College (Boarding)
  7. Tonbridge School (Day/Boarding)
  8. Cheltenham Ladies’ College (Day/Boarding)
  9. Sevenoaks School (Day/Boarding)
  10. Winchester College (Boarding)


boarding schools in the uk


Best Boarding Schools in the World

Students and parents initially choose a boarding school which has more challenging programmes. Therefore, pupils are motivated intellectually in ways they never were before in their schools. Also, a boarding school guarantees that students are immersed in an educational world where learning is central to all activities. Education experts around the globe agree on numerous advantages of studying abroad. Students will learn about new cultures wherever they may go, although the choice of the country will depend on individual priorities. Some of the best boarding schools in the world are The Loomis Chaffee School, St. Stephen’s School Rome, Stowe School, etc.


Top International Boarding Schools

  1. A+ World Academy
  2. Aquinas American School
  3. Ashbury College
  4. Bishop’s College School
  5. Bodwell High School
  6. Branksome Hall
  7. Branksome Hall Asia
  8. Brentwood College School
  9. Bronte College
  10. Canadian College Italy