Art and Design Foundation in the UK

Art and Design Foundation in the UK

If you want to have a head start with your study in Art-related degrees at the best universities in the UK or want to work in the creative industries, Art and Design Foundation would be the best option for you. The UK is famous for making high quality and talented art and design graduates such as James Dyson, Terence Conran, and Stella McCartney. Art and Design Foundation takes one academic year to be studied at some of the best colleges in the UK. This course is mainly suitable for international students aged 16.5+ but UK nationals can study Art and Design foundation at international colleges including Bellerbys Colleges and Kings Colleges in England.

The main purpose of this page is answering some of the most asked questions by international students who want to prepare themselves for studying in art-related degrees in the UK.


What is the Art and Design Foundation course?

Art and Design Foundation is a pre-university program for 16.5+ UK and international students to prepare them to study Art and Design at the undergraduate level.


What are the entry requirements for the Art and Design Foundation?

The entry requirements for the Art and Design Foundation programme are mostly the same at UK international colleges but it`s highly recommended to check them with the colleges` admission department. Completing 11-12 years of schooling and an English Language certificate equal to IELTS 5.0 is required. In most cases, students will be asked to submit a general art portfolio.

In some colleges, there are some preparation programmes for international students who are talented enough to study the Foundation course but do not have the standard academic and language requirements announced by the colleges. For example, at Kings Colleges, international students with the minimum age of 16 with IELTS 4.0 can enroll in Art and Design Preparation program for 3 terms.


Art and Design Foundation costs and fees

Generally the tuition fees for the Art and Design Foundation programme in the UK, International students should pay approximately £22.000. However, this may be vary from college to college and we advise you to get a consultation on costs and fees for this programme by contacting your preferred study centers.


Where will this program take you?

UK international colleges providing this foundation programme gruarantee a place of study in some prestigious art universities such as Kingston University, Leeds Art University, University of Westminster and University of Sheffield subject to meeting all academic & portfolio requirements.


What are the Art and Foundation modules?

Since this foundation program aims to teach the students the vital skills for studying Art related degrees, 80% of course modules are mainly focused on Art and Design, and 20% on Communication and Study Skills.


How to apply for the Art and Design Foundation Courses

The application process for Art and Design foundation at UK international college is not demanding. At most colleges, you simply need to fill out an application form. You can download the form from the colleges’ websites or email the admission office to send the form via email.

You can also contact our advisors at via email or phone to facilitate your admission process to Art and Design Foundation programmes at colleges situated in the UK