Accommodation in UK

At UKstudy we believe the place where you stay while studying is of great importance. We understand that a comfortable, safe and relaxed atmosphere will help you absorb the culture around you, and help you be successful in your studies. We offer a range of different living options with excellent facilities through our partnership with schools.

UKstudy will make sure that all our students receive the best accommodation available from the school. If you have any problems during your stay we will be ready to help – schools listen to us!

Host-families (also called Homestay)

Staying with a local family is the most required type of accommodation, and also considered as the best way to experience the British culture and to practice English in the everyday life. In a homestay family you can have your own room or share with other students of the same gender. You will have use of all essential facilities including the kitchen & bathroom (unless you request a private bathroom at an extra cost). You can choose to have breakfast only, breakfast and dinner every day, or no meals (a self-catering option, which means that you will have to buy and cook your own meals). You will normally stay with the same host family for the duration of your stay. While you will be allowed to receive incoming calls, you are advised for your convenience to bring or buy a mobile. You will have your own keys and will be independent, however you will be required to inform your hosts if you are planning to eat or stay out. You are not allowed to have guests in your rooms, however some hosts will be ready to find an arrangement if you ask them nicely in advance (not guaranteed).


If you would like to have your own independence and live with other students from the same school and sometimes with local university students, this could be the best option for you. You can choose to have a single or a shared room with other students of the same gender. Some residences have a canteen where meals are provided. Otherwise you will have to share the kitchen. You will also have to share the bathroom with same gender students, unless you request a private bathroom at an extra cost.


If you would rather have your own independence or prefer to cook for yourself and still be comfortable, then a student flatshare could be the best choice for you. This option means that you will share an independent flat with other students from your school. You can choose to have a single or a shared room with other students of the same gender. Kitchen and bathroom are shared.

Hotels (or Bed & Breakfast)

You can choose to stay at a hotel or a Bed&Breakfast if you require more privacy and a more comfortable accommodation. Bed&Breakfast are privately owned (usually not many rooms per B&B) and offer a more personal service.

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