About UKStudy

About UKStudy

Since 1999 UKStudy.com has given free, professional and impartial counselling to thousands of students worldwide, who want to study in UK universities or learn English in the UK.
UK universities are known for their high-quality teachings, wide array of modern facilities and their warm and welcoming student communities which are very popular with students. One of the main reasons that many overseas students choose UK universities for their higher education, is the highly credible university degrees given to the alumni of said universities, which will provide the graduate students with ample career possibilities wherever they go.
UKStudy.com works closely with all flagship universities in the UK and is also recognized as one of the official UCAS (Universities and Colleges Application Service) centers.
Therefore, we help students by providing comprehensive and up to date information about Academic courses, language learning courses, universities and colleges, available options for temporary and permanent accommodation, student visa application, post-graduation job market and other related topics. UKStudy’s dedicated team of expert educational consultants will guide through every step of the application process, from choosing the course and completing the application to the acceptance of your offer; So that you can pass all these steps without any concerns or issues and reach your desired result. Our goal is to create a relaxing experience for you and help students climb the ladder to success.
For expert and free help with your study options in the UK or student visa process, please fill out our online quick inquiry form. Our advisors will help you will all the steps of acquiring a student’s Visa including required English proficiency level, documents required by the consulate for the visa, accommodation and costs of living in the UK. Our Expert advisers can also assist you with any student fund applications per your request.

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In our world today, borders have become less defined through technology, migration and the international marketplace. Therefore, a keen knowledge of other cultures and their effect on world decisions is imperative. Over the past twelve years we have helped, advised and placed over 150 000 students from over 70 countries world-wide in to various language schools, colleges and universities as a member of “Selected Education” Group; and we are proud of that! Neither book nor classroom in one’s native town or country can take replace the experience of traveling and studying in another country. Studying abroad doesn’t just open doors to an individual’s future; it changes lives …

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You can also use UKStudy.com to search for information on more than 400 schools, colleges and universities accredited by the British council plus over 1500 educational courses in the United Kingdom and apply for studying in the UK on every academic and educational level including: English language courses, GCSE, A level’s, university foundation, International year one, undergraduate (Bachelor), post graduate (Masters) and PHD courses. Of course, you will not be alone in this search and our counselors will continuously support you by providing new information about rules and conditions regarding any UK university or English language school that you have in mind.

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Thanks to 20 years of gleaming success in the field of UK student visa and student placement services, UKStudy has been awarded many partnership certificates and agreements from the best universities in the United Kingdom. These awards serve as signs of unwavering trust to our quality of service from these institutes of higher learning. We are pleased to directly offer our extensive range of services to students all around the world.

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