A Snapshot of Kings College

A Snapshot of Kings College

Kings colleges provide GCSE, A-level and Foundation courses for students of different nationalities. They also deliver a variety of English language courses.

Kings Education or so-called Kings Colleges are an excellent international education group with the aim of providing a general and linguistic education for young people from all around the globe seeking to study in an English-speaking environment. Boasting its global community within the walls of its campuses located in Brighton, Bournemouth, Oxford, and London, Kings Colleges welcome students from all countries around the world from Southern American countries like Brazil to Asian countries such as China and Iran. Therefore, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to mingle with peers from very different cultural backgrounds to share experiences, cultures and dreams. Students at Kings believe that there are different people from different countries with many different ideas. They never feel bored, because they experience new things and meet different people every single day.

Apart from all the bright future that you can reach by studying in Kings’ high-quality environment, you can improve your self-esteem and make your parents proud because you will learn how to do things on your own. You will eventually come to realise that you are capable of doing anything even though you are far from home.

As said above, Kings operate in several cities in the UK. Additionally, they have expanded into other countries like the US, as well. This can indirectly create even more multicultural vibes across Kings Colleges. As highlighted by an Iranian student at Kings, they have different colleges all over the world. If you decide to study in the UK, you will definitely research a lot about different colleges in the UK, but most certainly you will hear a lot about Kings. So, what makes most students choose Kings and what makes it so special? Obviously, the result-driven educational system as well as its extracurricular activities.


Education at Kings College

At Kings you will be provided with a broad educational experience both inside and outside of the classroom. Standing by their ethos, they offer you opportunities either as a part of extracurricular activities or within broader contexts of local but multicultural communities. At Kings you study and enjoy life at the same time. This is what most students find so exciting about Kings.

As opposed to classes following the traditional “Chalk & Talk” method of teaching, classes in Kings Colleges are interactive. Therefore, you need to be prepared to share your ideas in each class. You will be surprised how motivating the classes are. At educational institutions in the UK like Kings Colleges, students participate in classes and share their ideas more often than just listening and writing what the teacher tells them.

The pathway to success at Kings, then to top universities in the UK and the world, is not that easy. You, international students, need to study and work really hard on your English language skills. That is what average students whose mother tongue is not English would find difficult at Kings. This is because you are required to study every subject in a foreign language i.e. English; therefore, you need to know English concepts perfectly. However, there is no need to be unduly worried about this as Kings have various English courses from IELTS and TOEFL preparation to ESPs (English for Specific Purposes). You will be able to receive even personalised courses.


Go beyond Education with Kings

At Kings College, you will have the joyful opportunity to join a wide range of extracurricular activities ranging from sport clubs to learning events, all helping you to socialise with different societies and communities. You will be able to benefit from excursions all over the UK and visits to concerts, famous buildings, museums, and events in order to explore more about the UK’s history and culture.


Is it worth joining Kings College?

Given the records, 100% of their students have been offered a place at universities, 83% of which have been accepted by top 100 universities. The figures and statistics show that one out of two students have made it to the top 50 universities. Also, 86% of A-level students have received offers from Top 20 universities and 87% of A-level and Foundation students have been granted places from Top 30 universities. The good news is that about half of A-level students at Kings get A*- A, hence increase their chance of receiving an acceptance.

All in all, the numbers are promising. So, if you wish for a straightforward bridge to your dream universities like Oxford, Cambridge and Medical Schools, Kings Colleges are one of the best pathways for you. You just need as much enthusiasm as those who have made it there. Whatever job and position you used to imagine yourself at, it is easier to reach with Kings College.

Kings provide you with everything you need at each step of the way to reach you academic goal. Metaphorically, Kings, as our partner, is the train to success, and we help you get on board.


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