Study at David Game College

Study at David Game College

David Game College, as a Private College for A-Level and GCSE courses, has an environment that empowers pupils to achieve the results they need to enter the university or find a profession of their choosing. As well as GCSE and A level exams, the college also runs one of the UK’s oldest and most respected University Foundation Programmes (UFP).

David Game College has formed strong connections with the prestigious Russell Group universities and other higher education providers. As well as their international students, David Game has an increasing number of British students who choose them for the quality of teaching and the knowledgeable, disciplined, but comfortable environment. The quality of teaching at David Game College was rated as “outstanding” in the 2020 Ofsted inspection.

GCSE Courses at David Game College

  • One-Year GCSE
  • Eighteen Month GCSE
  • January – June GCSE
  • One Year GCSE

One-year GCSE courses are evenly suitable for students who want to retake their GCSEs, or for students who wish to raise their grades. These courses are also good for those who have never taken GCSE before and want to do so in one year. The leading independent schools prefer IGCSE tests as they are harder and would prepare students for AS and A-Levels better.


Eighteen Month GCSE

Students who choose this course don’t have to wait until September to start a course. This course especially suits international students whose academic year in their country ends in December. Students can take some exams in June and study more subjects in the coming year or wait and take all exams the next year.


January – June GCSE

This course is perfect for students who prefer starting in January rather than September. It suits students who already have a good knowledge of the subjects; ordinarily, they have taken GCSE/IGCSE in the subject before and want to raise their grades. If students have not yet taken a GCSE equivalent exam, but are good at their chosen subjects, they may be able to take their GCSE exams in June and progress to A-Level from September.


A-Level Courses at David Game College

  • Two-Year A-Level Course
  • Eighteen Month A-Level Course
  • One Year A-Level Course


Two-Year A-Level Course

This course is for students who have proper GCSE or equivalent qualifications. You can study up to four subjects in the first year of A-Level and take A-Level exams in three subjects at the end of year two.


Eighteen Month A-Level Course

This course is for students who have appropriate GCSE or equivalent qualifications, or who have studied AS levels before and wish to raise their grades. You will study the first year of the A-Level course intensively from January to June, three A-Level subjects from September for one year, and take A-Level exams in three subjects in the final term.


One Year A-Level Course

This course is for students who have studied AS or A-Levels before and wish to re-take. You will study three A-Level subjects intensively in one year and take A-Level examinations in three subjects at the end of the year.