Study in Chelsea College of Art

Study in Chelsea College of Art

In January 2005, Chelsea College of Art and Design relocated to Millbank, next to Tate Britain. For the first time in its history all the disciplines are now united on one site, giving students and staff an exciting new opportunity to mix and exchange ideas in a custom built facility and in a way that will define the College as it moves forward.

In fact, the history of the College goes back much further, to the late 19th century when the old academies of fine art were being challenged, and new vocational courses in the arts, crafts and design were being introduced.

Chelsea College of Art and Design will allow you to discover an extraordinary network of human, technical and scholarly resources. Situated in an inspiring location alongside Tate Britain, you will also be studying at the centre of one of the world’s great cultural capitals.

You will find our emphasis on internationalism reflected in a student community that is a richly diverse multicultural mix of students from all around the world. This makes for an exciting and challenging global dialogue amongst our faculty of practitioners who are cutting edge artists and designers.

You will also discover, through Chelsea’s workshop and library facilities, an environment that supports high levels of experimentation and multi-visual research. Chelsea’s unique combination of resources, are designed to prepare you for a world in which artists and designers increasingly work across all media. These resources are connected to each course so as to maximize opportunities for collaboration and exchange across all disciplines and boundaries.

Chelsea is part of a three-college partnership with Camberwell College of Arts and Wimbledon College of Art within the University of the Arts London. Together we are developing a world-leading art and design educational programme that is second to none.

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